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Simon Pegg opens up about undergoing physical transformation for 'Inheritance'

PTI London
Updated: 13-07-2019 12:15 IST
Simon Pegg opens up about undergoing physical transformation for 'Inheritance'

Actor Simon Pegg, who recently underwent drastic physical transformation for his film "Inheritance", says many people, including his wife, thought he was "ill". In March, the 49-year-old actor's personal trainer Nick Lower shared skinny photos of the "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" star on Instagram. He also revealed that the actor lost over 19 pounds and four per cent body fat over the past six months to prepare for his role.

The pictures went viral on internet with many people comparing him with Christian Bale, who had famously lost over 60 pounds to play the insomniac Trevor Reznik in 2004 psychological thriller "The Machinist". In an interview with GQ Hype, Pegg said he found the reception to photo "weird".

"The response from that picture was so weird. Some people said, 'You look ill,' which is what my wife thought. Others were saying, 'Well done'. "And the thing is, it wasn't meant to be an aspirational thing. It was a snapshot that my trainer took and I really didn't expect the furore that followed. All I can think of is that people still think of me as that schlubby guy from 'Shaun Of The Dead'," the actor said.

"Inheritance", directed by Vaughn Stein, also features Lily Collins, Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford and Marque Richardson.

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