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Entertainment News Roundup: Taylor Swift fans descend on Paris for 'City of Lover' concert; 'It: Chapter Two' floats to No. 1 with $91 million

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Updated: 10-09-2019 11:58 IST
Entertainment News Roundup: Taylor Swift fans descend on Paris for 'City of Lover' concert; 'It: Chapter Two' floats to No. 1 with $91 million

Image Credit: Twitter (@ITMovieOfficial)

Following is a summary of current entertainment news briefs.

'It: Chapter Two' floats to No. 1 with $91 million

Leave it to Pennywise to deliver a much-needed jolt to the domestic box office. Warner Bros. and New Line's "It: Chapter Two" arrived with $91 million, a promising start to fall after a lackluster summer moviegoing season. While those ticket sales are behind the jaw-dropping $123 million launch of its predecessor, 2017's "It," the follow-up still ranks as the second-best horror opening in history, as well as the second-highest bow for the month of September (both behind "It"). Directed by Andy Muschietti, "It: Chapter Two" was also a necessary win for Warner Bros. following a dismal summer that saw disappointments such as "The Kitchen," "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Shaft."

'Downton Abbey' cast feeling the pressure ahead of movie

Get out the tiaras and the best china. Hit British television series "Downton Abbey" is about to arrive on the big screen and the makers are feeling uncharacteristically nervous. Driven by fan demand, the aristocratic family and their servants return with a movie set around a royal visit to the vast Grantham country home.

Taylor Swift fans descend on Paris for 'City of Lover' concert

Donning face paint and holding glittery signs, fans of Taylor Swift flocked to Paris on Monday for the American pop star's "City of Lover" concert. Tickets for the concert, which is Swift's only performance promoting her new album "Lover," were not for sale, but were distributed through contests worldwide.

'Ford v Ferrari' actors say race car drivers a special breed

Actors Christian Bale and Matt Damon say they have a newfound respect for racecar drivers after making "Ford v Ferrari", based on the true story of the battle between the car makers at the 1966 Le Mans. The movie, shown at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday, chronicles Ford Motor Co's bid to build a race car to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, a race it dominated for years. Amazon's 'The Aeronauts' premieres in Toronto amid concerns about streaming services

Amazon Studios' "The Aeronauts" had its Toronto International Film Festival premiere on Sunday amid concerns about the impact of streaming service providers on the traditional theatrical-release model. "The Aeronauts" reunites Felicity Jones and Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne as pilot Amelia Wren and real-life scientist James Glaisher in their hot-air balloon expedition to reach unrivaled heights.

'The Goldfinch' aims to live up to book at Toronto Film Festival

'The Goldfinch' felt the pressure to live up to the award-winning book upon which the film is based, members of the cast and crew said at the Toronto Film Festival premiere on Sunday. Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014 for her novel about how the death of Theo Decker's mother in a terrorist attack in the Metropolitan Museum of Art shaped the rest of his life.

Rare Darth Vader mask, Harry Potter glasses up for auction in LA

A rare Darth Vader mask and helmet worn in one of the early "Star Wars" movies goes up for auction in Los Angeles later this month, along with a pair of Harry Potter's signature glasses. Two "Titanic" costumes, worn by stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, along with a "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy costume are also up for sale by auctioneers Profiles in History.

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