FACTBOX-Policy pledges of Indonesia's presidential candidates

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FACTBOX-Policy pledges of Indonesia's presidential candidates

Three candidates are running in Indonesia's presidential election on Feb. 14. The following is a summary of policy objectives they have pledged while campaigning. ANIES BASWEDAN

- Target 5.5%-6.5% average annual economic growth from 2025-2029 - Create 15 million jobs, including 'green' jobs

- Raise the tax-to-GDP ratio from 10.4% in 2022 to 13%-16% by 2029 - Target annual inflation of 2%-3% from 2025-2029

- Offer incentives for renewable energy projects - Impose a carbon tax with proceeds to be used as an endowment fund to finance development of renewable energy - Increase the 'village fund' to 5 billion rupiah ($317,965) for each village, from the current 1 billion rupiah.

- Widen access to global markets for palm oil farmers - Strengthen free trade agreements and Indonesia's role in international financial institutions

- Minimise imports of staple foods - Create 2 million new affordable housing units, including for informal workers, youth

- Expedite forest conservation and rehabilitation projects - Limit new construction of, and retire existing coal-fired power plants, especially in Java, Bali islands

- Review debt of state-owned enterprises, continue debt restructuring programme - Revise Jobs Creation Law with goal to ensure fair wages for workers - Evaluate the $32 billion new capital city project

- Evaluate food estate programme, replacing it with contract farming, a scheme to ensure farm products will be sold - Impose a wealth tax on Indonesia's 100 richest people - Audit the nickel industry with focus on its impact on the environment and ensuring welfare of domestic workers

- Strengthen the anti-corruption agency by revising the law that regulates it - Ease permitting requirements for building places of worship

GANJAR PRANOWO - Continue programmes of outgoing President Joko Widodo's administration

- Target average annual economic growth of 7% - Create 17 million new jobs

- Expedite construction of new capital city - Increase the defence budget as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) to between 1%-2%, from about 0.8% presently. Modernise military hardware

- Target 30% share for renewable sources in energy mix by 2029 - Allow more renewable energy producers to use electricity grids of state utility firms to boost green energy adoption - Set up a dedicated ministry for the palm oil sector

- Maintain moratorium on deforestation, accelerate reforestation programmes - Create digital tax collection system under the new tax agency separated from finance ministry

- Limit permit issuance of new nickel smelter to avoid a further oversupply - Expand social welfare to cover 15 million families, up from 10 million currently

- Provide funding to ensure at least one member of a poor family receives education until college - Strengthen national anti-corruption agency - Maintain foreign policy of non-alignment

- Strengthen Indonesia's commitment to support fight of Palestinian people - Revitalise the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its decision-making process, especially regarding South China Sea disputes.

PRABOWO SUBIANTO - Continue President Joko Widodo's programme to build new capital city

- Develop resource downstreaming including in maritime sector - Create 19 million new jobs - Establish state revenue agency, increase state revenue-to-GDP ratio to 23%

- Raise threshold for non-taxable income, lower individual income tax rate - Provide loans for digital start-ups

- Fully eradicate extreme poverty within two years of taking office - Provide free lunch and milk for students from elementary until high school, at an annual cost of 450 trillion rupiah or equal to about $29 billion

- Achieve food, energy, water self-sufficiency - Implement smart farming to boost output and increase participation of young farmers

- Retire coal power plants, accelerate decarbonisation - Gradually increase defence budget, modernise military hardware

- Seek a significant raising of the palm oil component in the biodiesel mix, more bioethanol in fuel by 2029, and push for usage of bioavtur, a sustainable aviation fuel - Set up a palm oil body with authority to harmonise rules by various ministries that oversee the sector - Establish task force to look at restricting foreign workers

- Limit permit issuance of new nickel smelter to avoid a further oversupply - Audit mining industry, including the nickel sector, with focus on the workers' living conditions

- Maintain Indonesia's non-aligned foreign policy ($1 = 15,725.0000 rupiah) (Compiled by Stanley Widianto, Ananda Teresia, Stefanno Sulaiman and Bernadette Christina Munthe; Editing by Martin Petty)

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