Women of Baini Sena to make voters aware in every booth in Haldwani

In Uttarakhand's Haldwami, keeping in view the vote percentage for the upcoming general polls , the Nagar Nigam has formed Booth Awareness Group, in which the women of the Baini Sena of the Nagar Nigam who collect user charge from house to house have been given the new responsibility of making voters aware of every booth of Haldwani.

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Women of Baini Sena to make voters aware in every booth in Haldwani
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The Haldwani municipal corporation has formed a Booth Awareness Group, in which women of the Baini Sena who collect user charges from house to house, have been given the additional responsibility of making voters aware in every booth. "It has been observed in the past that the voting percentage in urban areas is a little less. In the past, a very good work was done in the Nagar Nigam Haldwani that they formed baini sena much before the elections, now we are taking their help, they are going door to door and making people take an oath, gathering the whole locality and motivating them to vote" Municipal Commissioner of Halwani, Vishal Mishra told ANI

"We conducted a thorough data analysis during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the 2022 assembly elections, specifically focusing on the booths in the Haldwani area that underperformed. Initially, we identified 20 booths with the aim of elevating the bottom 70% to the top 10% and boosting those in the 85 to 95 percentile range. Our objective is to ensure that all booths are optimized before the upcoming voting scheduled for April 19. Our aim is to enhance the performance of booths that didn't fare well in the previous elections," he added. In this campaign, more than 100 women are going to every ward of Haldwani and making people aware and listening to their problems.

"We have received orders from the corporation that we have to promote voting along with user charge collection. We have been told that we have to make everyone aware on utilizing their vote and fulfilling their rights completely", Ward President Varsha Uniyal said. "Our target is to reach 75% voting percentage, we have to complete it till the elections. We have 15 to 20 days left now, we are doing this work by coming out in the scorching heat" she mentioned.

On talking to the people, we came to know how the team of Baini Sena came to their house and made them aware about voting in the elections "The team that had just come gave us a message and made us aware about the elections that we should vote, we get a chance after five years. Everyone should come out and vote in the elections" Janaki Joshi, localite said.

Notably, the Uttarakhand government has declared a public holiday on April 19, i.e. the day of voting. The order was issued by the General Administration Department of the Uttarakhand governmentThe people of Uttarakhand will cast their votes in a single phase on April 19, according to the Election Commission of India. (ANI)

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