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Jamia suspends professor for tweeting he failed 'non-Muslim students', prof says post was satire

The Jamia Millia Islamia University here suspended a professor for claiming that he has failed 15 "non-Muslims" for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

ANI | New Delhi | Updated: 27-03-2020 08:34 IST | Created: 27-03-2020 08:34 IST
Jamia suspends professor for tweeting he failed 'non-Muslim students', prof says post was satire
Representative Image. Image Credit: ANI

The Jamia Millia Islamia University here suspended a professor for claiming that he has failed 15 "non-Muslims" for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Assistant Professor in the varisty, Dr Abrar Ahmad took to his Twitter on Wednesday to write that he had passed everyone in an examination barring 15 non-Muslim students.

[{478e79f5-23f9-4cd2-ac90-0ad45cdb1c1c:intradmin/message_voRWbyS.PNG}] Soon after his tweet triggered blacklash, the professor in a subsequent tweet said his claim was a "satire" to indicate how the government was discriminating against a specific religious law through the CAA.

"The post is a parody to explain how the government is discriminating a community. There has been no such exam or results. It [the tweet] is just to explain an issue. I never discriminate," he tweeted, "It was a satire, parody, a correlation to explain how minorities are being targeted by CAA and it would as bad as a teacher saying 'that all minority students are failed and have to reappear'," he added.

[{996f41e8-cd25-489a-addd-c1d0f417963a:intradmin/message_2.PNG}] He claimed that no student had ever accused him of discriminating against them in his teaching career of more than 12 years.

Taking cognisance of his posts, the university suspended Ahmad pending inquiry. The university said it was "serious misconduct" and incited "communal disharmony". "Dr Abrar Ahmad, assistant professor of Jamia University tweeted in public domain as to failing 15 non-Muslim students in an exam. This is a serious misconduct inciting communal disharmony. The university suspends him pending inquiry," the varsity wrote on its official Twitter handle.

Several students of Jamia university have staged a strong protest against the CAA, which gives citizenship to persecuted minorities of three neighbouring countries. (ANI)

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