Mental Health Narratives: Stories of Resilience and Hope

Publishing house Westland Books announced the upcoming release of 'Mental Health: Lived Experiences of Resilience and Hope' by Neha Kirpal and Nandini Murali. The anthology features 20 stories aimed at mainstreaming mental health discussions through women's lived experiences. The book aims to combat stigma and provide hope and support.

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Mental Health Narratives: Stories of Resilience and Hope
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Publishing house Westland Books has announced its latest acquisition, 'Mental Health: Lived Experiences of Resilience and Hope,' authored by social entrepreneur Neha Kirpal and writer Nandini Murali.

Set for release next year, the anthology will feature 20 compelling stories designed to mainstream mental health discussions through the lived experiences of women across urban India.

'There's no better way for people to understand how to support those struggling with mental health challenges than to hear first-person stories of experts by experience,' said Kirpal, also co-founder of mental health startup Amaha. Murali added, 'These narratives have the power to heal, empower, transform, and radically humanize society.'

Offering a nuanced perspective on tackling stigma, shame, secrecy, and silence around mental health, the book provides reflective insights, particularly valuable for those experiencing similar challenges or supporting someone who does. Karthika VK of Westland Books stated that the book would be an invaluable resource for patients, caregivers, and mental health practitioners alike.

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