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'Still time to negotiate,' Merkel says after Brexit vote

PTI berlin
Updated: 16-01-2019 17:10 IST
'Still time to negotiate,' Merkel says after Brexit vote

Berlin, Jan 16 (AFP) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday "we still have time to negotiate" after the British parliament overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's deal on leaving the European Union.

"We still have time to negotiate but we're now waiting on what the prime minister proposes," Merkel said in comments broadcast on news channel NTV.

"I very much regret that the British lower house last night rejected the agreement," she said.

"We believe it is up to the British side, as the prime minister has announced, to tell us what happens next.

"We want to limit the damage, and there certainly will be damage..., as much as possible.

"That's why of course we will continue to pursue an orderly solution. But we are also ready in case there is no such orderly solution." (AFP) AMS