Challenges Loom As Biden Halts Asylum Processing

Gerardo Henao was arrested soon after President Biden halted asylum processing at the US-Mexico border. Due to scarce deportation flights, Henao was released and traveled to New Jersey. The Biden administration faces significant challenges in enforcing the measure, given resource limitations and diplomatic hurdles.

PTI | Sandiego | Updated: 09-06-2024 11:27 IST | Created: 09-06-2024 11:27 IST
Challenges Loom As Biden Halts Asylum Processing

In a sweeping move, President Joe Biden suspended asylum processing at the US-Mexico border this week. Just 14 hours later, the Border Patrol arrested Gerardo Henao, but instead of deportation, he was released in San Diego to catch a flight to New Jersey. This leniency is largely due to a scarcity of deportation flights to Colombia.

The Biden administration's policy faces tremendous challenges, including lack of resources, diplomatic constraints, and logistical issues, making large-scale implementation difficult. The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged these hurdles and pointed out the complexities in deporting migrants from various regions worldwide.

Thousands have been deported under the new ban, but many remain in limbo. Homeland Security officials reported 17 deportation flights, including one to Uzbekistan. The US faces significant barriers, especially with countries reluctant to accept deportees.

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