GamStop Registrations Are on the Rise: Main Reasons

Paul Hayward | Updated: 06-10-2021 16:05 IST | Created: 06-10-2021 15:38 IST
GamStop Registrations Are on the Rise: Main Reasons
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GamStop is a popular self-exclusion program introduced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) to aid players looking to take a break from UK gambling sites and products. The scheme is a mandatory license requirement, meaning all online gambling operators licensed by the UKGC are obliged to participate in GamStop. Once a player signs up on the scheme, they'll be excluded from all UK casino sites and online sportsbooks.

GamStop works only in the UK but is quite popular and has more than 200 thousand users. Additionally, analytics from NonGamStopBets gathered the statistics from umpteen casinos that aren't on GamStop in the UK and see a huge rise in popularity of those sites compared to previous years. Online gambling has also hit all-time peak records. Here's an overview of why GamStop is on the rise in the UK and insights into its future.

Why GamStop Grows Rapidly

Since its introduction, GamStop has become a popular means to self-exclude yourself from UK casinos. The scheme is completely free, meaning players can register on GamStop without paying anything, unlike game blockers and other solutions that may involve a license fee. Once on GamStop, players will be blocked from all UKGC casinos within 24 hours of registration. The minimum self-exclusion term is six months, while the maximum is five years, after which you can register again. Below are three main reasons why GamStop is growing rapidly.

Popularity of gambling

Gambling is an old pastime and has been around long before regulations were introduced to govern the activity. However, for a long time, players had to visit local betting shops, bingo halls, and land-based casinos. This quickly changed with the advent of the internet and online casinos. Today, players can explore real money games anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer. Gambling has become a popular activity, with many online casinos opening up worldwide. Also, players are constantly bombarded with adverts through TV and radio stations.

What's more, many betting firms are involved in community events, sports tournaments, and other initiatives. Because of this, gambling has come to the forefront of online ads and campaigns. Players are lured by attractive propositions of generous bonuses, captivating 3D games, life-changing payouts, and instant access to real money games. Since more people are betting, the number of those affected by a gambling problem is also rising, increasing interest in self-exclusion schemes, such as GamStop. Other countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, have also modelled their schemes like GamStop.

People work from home and don't go outside

Internet technologies and eCommerce have meant more people don't have to leave home to go to work. The number of people who work from home has increased steadily over the past decade, and more people are starting their online businesses. Unfortunately, the home environment comes with fewer restrictions and little to no supervision. People also use their devices to access the internet, which gives them the freedom to install and access gambling material without breaking company requirements.

With more people working from home and having the free time to do whatever they want with their gadgets, gambling has become almost unavoidable. The lack of restrictions from employers also leaves GamStop as the feasible solution for quitting gambling. It is also the national program for UK online casinos, so players are bound to come across the scheme when looking to self-exclude. What's more, working from home has diminished the number of walk-in guests visiting land-based casinos. More players are gambling online, and GamStop is the scheme for excluding from online casinos.

Lots of gambling ads

Gambling is becoming more popular every day, and many regions already have a regulated industry. As more regions legalize online gambling, it opens doors to many operators who enter the market to serve customers. New casinos and sportsbooks are popping up everywhere, so you can expect numerous gambling platforms every year. Naturally, the abundance of operators creates competition, and most casinos have to invest in thorough marketing to attract and retain players. This has resulted in lots of ads from all avenues.

Players are exposed to gambling ads on television, radio stations, online websites, social media sites, local events, etc. It is almost impossible to avoid ads and offers from betting firms, and players eventually visit online casinos to check out the offers and promotions. To combat the harm of compulsive gambling, the UKGC, and other commissions create awareness about self-exclusion schemes. Developers of paid gambling blockers also flood the market with tools that players can use to self-exclude, so UK punters looking to quit gambling are likely to encounter GamStop.

The Future of GamStop

GamStop has been growing rapidly and continues to gain popularity as more players become affected by gambling harm. It is a free program that players can sign up for voluntarily to take temporary breaks from UK casinos. If the gambling industry keeps growing at the current rate, more players will need self-exclusion schemes. GamStop is very effective in preventing access to UK sites as it is mandatory for all operators in the country.


Gambling can be harmful to your social, mental, and financial health, and GamStop offers a way to regain control by taking short breaks of six months to five years away from UK sites. As the activity becomes more popular, GamStop will receive even more new applicants who want to avoid the negative side effects of real money betting.

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