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Wine under the murky waters makes for treasured buy

A unique concept is being used to make fine winery by submerging in the middle of the Carribean Sea, which makes it a treasured bur for wine lovers.

Wine under the murky waters makes for treasured buy
Divers witness the underwater wine cellar. Image Credit: ANI

A unique concept is being used to make fine winery by submerging in the middle of the Carribean Sea, which makes it a treasured bur for wine lovers. Crusoe Treasure, a wine production company, curated such beverage bottles that do not mature in a chilled cellar but are submerged beneath the sea for six to eighteen months.

The daily job of Borja Saracho is to jump from the side of the Capitania Maritima to check the present situation of thousands of bottles of wine in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea off northern Spain. These wine bottles are submerged 65 feet beneath the sea. "We are a winery which started because we loved the sea and wanted to see if we could produce wine underneath it. It was almost by accident," Saracho, 46, who did not even like wine before he started the company with associates in 2013, told Fox News.

In a small crane, hundreds of bottles of wine within sealed crates are put down into the sea from the boat in the bay of the pretty town of Plentzia, in the Basque Country of northern Spain. Wine tourists from across the world including the United States, Russia, France, and Britain join the crew to sample the experience for themselves.

The sellers already reached the markets of Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Scandinavia, China, Japan and Taiwan and are next targeting the American market. Crusoe Treasure, the company's name resembled the name of famous French underwater explorer. The idea also suggests painstaking produce is not any less than treasure.

"I have always been interested in sunken ships and hidden treasures because I came to the sea more when I was younger to improve my asthma," said Saracho, whose company was the first of its kind in Spain. Whites and reds are sold with the touch and marks of seaweed still on the bottle which acts as a charming element for buyers. Wine boxes are adorned with drawings of the fish that swim around an artificial reef where the wine matures for six to 18 months. (ANI)

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