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PTI kolkata
Updated: 20-01-2019 22:29 IST

Former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Bimal Jalan on Sunday advocated making the

administrative system more public-oriented than government-oriented.

Addressing the 202nd Founders' Day Celebration organised by Presidency University and the Presidency Alumni

Association here, the former student of the institute said, there was imperative need for strengthening the administrative

system. "It (administrative system) needs to be much more

public-oriented rather than government oriented, which is the situation at present," Jalan told the audience.

He said the younger generation should hold politicians accountable for their performance - not for their speeches in

Parliament but their activities on the ground. Jalan also wondered why removal of poverty could not

be accomplished in all these years and rued that a large number of people are living below the poverty line and the

country's ranking in the Human Development Index is still in the lower rungs.

Calling for decentralisation of government institutions which are committed to the public, Jalan cited

examples of institutions like Election Commission (EC) and Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) which have set

example "for their performance".