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Baba Vanga prediction: Did the blind Bulgarian mystic predict coronavirus?

Baba Vanga prediction: Did the blind Bulgarian mystic predict coronavirus?
The Bulgarian psychiatrists Nicola Shipkovensky and Georgi Lozanov also studied the capabilities of Baba Vanga. Image Credit: Facebook / Baba Vanga

Did Baba Vanga predict the coronavirus epidemic way back in 1996 when she was alive at her age 84?

The Covid-19 or coronavirus outbreak commenced in China in November 2019 but many believe Baba Vanga, the great blind mystic, had already predicted this some months before her death.

In several occasions, Baba Vanga's predictions went straight to the mark. The globally renowned blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist is recalled for predicting the date of Joseph Stalin's date of death, the September 11 attacks, death of Yugoslav actress and singer Silvana Armenulić and many more things.

The Bulgarian psychiatrists Nicola Shipkovensky and Georgi Lozanov also studied the capabilities of Baba Vanga. According to Jeffrey Mishlove, some of the studies concluded that about 80 percent of her predictions turned out to be accurate.

A 73-year-old woman named Neshka Stefanova Robeva met Baba Vanga during the 1990s. According to Express, N S Robeva claimed that she learned of the coronavirus warning shortly before Baba Vanga's death. The blind mystic reportedly said to her that 'the corona will be all over us'.

Robeva said that she could not understand the meaning of her words way back in 1990s. during that time she thought the blind mystic was indicating Chinese flu.

The followers of Vanga believe that she had powerful psychic abilities and could communicate with the spirits in some other dimensions and see visions of the future.

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