Congress considers itself above law, BJP hits back

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Congress considers itself above law, BJP hits back
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The BJP on Thursday lashed out at the Congress over its remarks on the income tax department's notice and asked it to stop causing prejudice to the legal process and considering itself above the law and the Constitution.

The BJP's reaction came after the Congress accused the Narendra Modi government of indulging in ''financial terrorism'' against it and alleged that the government had ''looted'' over Rs 65 crore from its accounts to economically cripple the party ahead of Lok Sabha polls.

The Congress also alleged that the ruling party was attempting to ''murder democracy'' and drag the country to ''dictatorship''.

Reacting sharply, BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said, ''The Congress, which carries a sense of entitlement and considers itself above the Constitution and the law, projected today an old adage 'ulta chor kotwal ko dante' (a thief scolding the police).'' ''But please do not prejudice and dent the legal and constitutional process like this, and do not commit 'mahapaap' (the great sin) of considering yourself above the Constitution and law,” he added.

Hitting back on the allegation of the government indulging in financial terrorism, the BJP spokesperson said the Congress “whose character, ideology and misdeeds have been loot and extortion since Nehru era starting with the Jeep scam” is levelling such a baseless charge.

On the Congress' allegation that the government is trying to financially cripple the party ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Poonawalla took a swipe and asked the opposition party to ask its MP Dhiraj Prasad Sahu to arrange funds for the polls.

''As a former Congress member, I give you one suggestion for free. As many as Rs 350 crore was found from Dhiraj Sahu’s room (during an income tax raid recently). Instead of running campaigns like ‘donate for desh’ and playing victim card, call Dhiraj Sahu. He can arrange more than Rs 350 crore,” he said.

The BJP leader also asked the Congress to go through the white paper on the indian economy tabled by the government in Parliament to know about the “financial terrorism” during its regimes in the past.

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