Prakash Raj: Fielding candidate against Tharoor a mistake by Left

Actor Prakash Raj criticized the CPI(M)-led LDF for fielding a candidate against Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram, praising Tharoor as a statesman and questioning the Left's decision to challenge him. Raj called it a mistake that played into the BJP's trap of dividing secular votes. He accused the BJP's candidate, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, of inaction, false affidavits, and questionable wealth. Raj questioned the Modi government's development claims, challenging anyone to demonstrate the existence of the promised smart cities or employment. He expressed high hopes for Kerala to resist the BJP and urged voters to support Tharoor.

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Prakash Raj: Fielding candidate against Tharoor a mistake by Left
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The CPI(M)-led LDF made a mistake by fielding a candidate against Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, according to actor Prakash Raj, who is known for his pro-Left political stand on various socio-political issues.

Praising Tharoor as ''the best-spoken Malayali and a statesman'' to whom even international politicians would listen, Prakash Raj here on Monday said that the Left should not have fallen into ''the trap'' of the BJP, which wanted the two secular fronts to fight between each other so that they could split the votes and gain benefits.

Addressing a press conference here, the actor said, ''I know the Left candidate (CPI leader Pannyan Raveendran). He is a nice person and a good politician. But I think the Left made a mistake by fielding a candidate against Tharoor.'' He said it is important to think about the welfare of the country rather than political parties. The actor said what Tharoor has worked for over the past 15 years cannot be overlooked, and requested the voters of Thiruvananthapuram ''not to let him down''.

He also unleashed a barrage of accusations against the BJP-led NDA's Thiruvananthapuram candidate Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

Prakash Raj, who hails from Karnataka, a state Chandrasekhar represents in the Rajya Sabha, alleged that the BJP leader cannot speak anything against the 'Rajavu' (the king) -- apparently referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi -- and said the MP could not even demand Rs 500 per head drought relief for the poor farmers of his state.

''It was the first time a state government had to move the Supreme Court against a central government for getting drought relief,'' Prakash Raj said.

He said after 10 years of absolute inaction in Karnataka, Chandrasekhar has now come to Thiruvananthapuram, promising ''development''.

Prakash Raj also ridiculed the affidavit submitted by Rajeev Chandrasekhar before the Election Commission in which his taxable income for the year 2021-2022 is declared as just a mere Rs 680. He said he could not understand how the union minister who owns assets worth crores of rupees could be poorer than him. He also questioned the candidature of a man on the BJP ticket from the royal family in Karnataka -- apparently referring to Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar (YKC), the titular head of the Mysore royal family -- who too, according to him, has covered up his multi-million rupee worth assets and submitted a false affidavit.

''These people are liars and thieves,'' Prakash Raj said.

Questioning each and every claim of the Modi government regarding development, he put out a challenge asking if anyone could show him at least 10 of the 100 smart cities promised by Modi, or the employment that the BJP-led government had supposedly created.

Prakash Raj said he always has high hopes for Kerala as a state that will not allow the BJP to open its account and requested the voters of Thiruvananthapuram not to let him down.

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