Escalating Ukraine-Russia Conflict Claims Lives in Kherson and Luhansk

Russia-installed officials in Kherson and Luhansk reported that Ukrainian attacks resulted in at least 28 deaths. The attacks included drone strikes and missile bombardments. Public mourning and event cancellations were declared in response. Ukraine did not comment. Drone warfare continued between Russia and Ukraine, affecting various regions.

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Escalating Ukraine-Russia Conflict Claims Lives in Kherson and Luhansk
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Russia-installed officials in the partially occupied Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Luhansk reported significant casualties following Ukrainian attacks, resulting in at least 28 deaths. The conflict escalated as both nations exchanged drone assaults during the night into Saturday.

Moscow-appointed Kherson governor Vladimir Saldo stated that a Ukrainian attack on Sadove killed 22 individuals and wounded 15, utilizing both a French-made guided bomb and a US-supplied HIMARS missile. Saldo accused Ukrainian forces of intentionally making a repeat strike to increase casualties among residents attempting to aid the injured. In response, public mourning was declared for Saturday, with event cancellations extending through Monday in Kherson.

In Luhansk, officials pulled two more bodies from rubble caused by a Ukrainian missile attack, raising the death toll to six, with 60 others wounded. Meanwhile, drone warfare continued; Ukraine launched a barrage of drones across Russian territories, and Russian air defenses countered with downings over various regions. Ukrainian air defenses also reported shooting down nine out of 13 Russian drones targeting central and eastern regions.

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