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Emmerson Mnangagwa gets letter from Patrick Zhuwao over fuel price hikes

Devdiscourse News Desk harare Zimbabwe
Updated: 14-01-2019 19:34 IST
Emmerson Mnangagwa gets letter from Patrick Zhuwao over fuel price hikes

Patrick Zhuwao has written in the letter that Emmerson Mnangagwa should realize that “he is being thrown under the bus by his colleagues (Image Credit: Flickr / GovernmentZA)

President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa is under severe attack now! Patrick Zhuwao, who served as Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare of Zimbabwe between October and November 2017, has sent an open letter to the country's Head of State in the 'wake of demonstrations and current stay away going on in Zimbabwe'.

The 51-year old former minister has written in the letter that Emmerson Mnangagwa should realize that "he is being thrown under the bus by his colleagues. According to him, Zimbabwe's President needs to accept the fact quietly.

Here's the open letter from Patrick Zhuwao to the President below:

This open letter to you, Dambudzo Emmerson Mnangagwa, is to advise you to accept that the nation comes first and that you need to realise that your colleagues are throwing you under the bus because they are embarrassed by how your ineptitude is increasing the people's suffering. I outline salient features of how those who refer to themselves as "vene vacho chinhu" (the owners of the thing) are off-loading you; hopefully to chart a more inclusive future.

You imprudently worsened the crisis by announcing fuel price increases that have set the nation demonstrating against you. The mass action called for 14th, 15th and 16th January 2019 cannot be resisted by the military because Section 100(2)(a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe forbids an acting President to deploy the Defence Forces. You are gallivanting on a fool's errand so that you can claim to not have deployed the military similar to what as you did on 1″ August 2018.

The military cannot be duped again to intervene against the people by your disingenuous attempts to pass the blame to them for what may happen just like you did for the 1″ August 2018 killings. You hid in South Africa during the November 2017 coup so that you could deny involvement had the coup failed. Your duplicitous record of treachery is legendary.

Same as in November 2017, the mass action resulting from your 12th January 2019 press conference is triggering your impeachment. You already know that most of the ZANU PF legislators are itching to impeach you as you correctly observed on Wednesday 30th May 2018. The mass action is spurring them on to save the nation and their constituents from further suffering and to also protect their jobs.

Grounds for your impeachment in terms of Section 97(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe for (a) serious misconduct, (b) failure to obey, uphold and defend the Constitutions, and (c) willful violation of the Constitution are being prepared. These grounds include the blunderous misadventures of the cabal of Tongai, Chamu Zvipange and others as they fumbled in the region searching for Russian arms dealers to negotiate kickbacks contemptuous of the entrenched interests of "vene vacho chinhu" (the owners of the thing).

As your impeachment looms, it is in your best interest that you accept it and contain your die hard sycophants from engaging in conduct that will be attributed to you in both the local courts and the international courts of justice. You must take a leaf from President Mugabe who chose to save lives by accepting your treachery in November 2017. The nation need to move forward with dialogue to institute necessary reforms and restore legitimacy as the basis for resolving the economic crisis. Bvuma zvipere (accept so that we can end the crisis).

COUNTRY : Zimbabwe