Deadly Torrential Rains Devastate El Salvador

El Salvador faces devastating effects from torrential rains, causing 19 fatalities. Two weather systems have saturated the region, prompting authorities to issue a red alert and national emergency. Civil Protection has activated shelters for over 6,000 people as the rains persist.

PTI | Elsalvador | Updated: 22-06-2024 07:29 IST | Created: 22-06-2024 07:29 IST
Deadly Torrential Rains Devastate El Salvador
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El Salvador is reeling from torrential rains that have caused significant devastation, claiming the lives of 19 people, including two young girls. The relentless downpour, influenced by two weather systems—one near Guatemala's Pacific coast and the other in the Gulf of Mexico—has led to severe flooding and deadly landslides.

Civil Protection authorities have issued a red alert and the nation's Congress has declared a state of national emergency for 15 days. The tragic deaths, confirmed by the country's Rescue Commands, underscore the critical danger posed by landslides and collapsing walls due to accumulated water.

Efforts to rescue survivors have been intense, with Civil Protection reporting over 1,500 incidents handled, including the deaths of 19 people, 706 fallen trees, and 521 temporarily obstructed roads. Authorities have established 150 shelters for more than 6,000 residents, as persistent rains continue to threaten the region.

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