The Best Gadgets and Accessories for Any Serious Basketball Player or Fan

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The Best Gadgets and Accessories for Any Serious Basketball Player or Fan
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The holiday season is right around the corner which means one thing: gift-giving galore. If you haven’t begun assembling your lists and have a basketball player or fan in your life, you're in luck because half of the work is now done for you. Check out some of the best options below.  

Train your body with a weighted speed vest

If you know someone looking to upgrade the fundamentals of their basketball gameplay such as shooting, running, and passing, a high-quality weighted speed vest should be your next investment.  

Specifically, when it comes to basketball, this accessory helps to improve a player’s speed and most importantly, shooting performance, by tricking the athlete’s body into pushing itself harder than normal. When the vest is removed from the player’s chest after working with it for a while, shooting feels more effortless due to the absence of weight. Even professional stars recognize the value of weighted vests in practice. It’s no wonder the dominant Boston Celtics are continuously listed under top NBA picks in sportsbooks such as Fanduel with top star players such as Jayson Tatum leading the team to the finals.

Have some fun with the Pop-A-Shot Official Shot Basketball Arcade Game

The founders of the electronic basketball shooting game, the Pop-A-Shot brand was the first of its kind to introduce electronic scoring and steel frames into their products. Based on their numerous happy customers and five-star reviews, this is the best basketball home game on the market.

Enhance your shooting performance with the Wilson X Basketball

If you want to really wow the basketball fan in your life, gift them this “smart” ball with an internal sensor that keeps track of goals and missed shots. It functions through an app using Bluetooth so it’s extremely user-friendly and easy to set up.

Although the appearance is that of any ordinary basketball, its inner workings are anything but. Users can zoom through their home courts, listening to music on their wireless headphones and practicing their game with the most unique ball on the market.

Image Credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The power of Bluetooth has allowed for thousands of gadgets across many different markets to function well

Improve your game with a dribble stick trainer

Any basketball player knows that one of the most important skills in the game is the ability to dribble well. A dribble stick trainer helps players to dramatically improve their stance, speed, and agility. This is an ideal item that can be used to practice drills that will help the player to develop their own personal strategy for the art of dribbling.

Image Credit: Stephen Baker on Unsplash

Training accessories, if used consistently, can be vital assets for the improvement of a player’s performance  

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