Nokia unveils new solution to enable AI-powered applications for worker safety and industrial automation

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Nokia unveils new solution to enable AI-powered applications for worker safety and industrial automation
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Nokia today announced the launch of a new MX Grid application that utilizes Bell Labs’ patented technologies to enhance industrial tracking and positioning and contextual awareness to enable Industry 4.0 applications and increase worker safety.

The Visual Position and Object Detection (VPOD) solution uses locally deployed AI algorithms to analyze real-time video feeds from cameras, allowing for precise tracing of industrial assets and delivering valuable insights into industrial operations to improve workplace conditions.

VPOD is designed to detect and identify assets within defined spatial areas, thereby improving worker safety and operational efficiency in industries including manufacturing, logistics, ports, and mining. By leveraging real-time video data feeds, VPOD improves situational awareness in complex industrial settings, eliminating the need for powered devices.

Further, VPOD data can be integrated through APIs with third-party applications running on the MXIE on-premise edge compute platform. Nokia MX Workmate, a gen-AI LLM-based worker assistant will utilize its real-time output to enrich the contextual information it provides to workers.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Nokia, said, "Real-time tracking and positioning technologies play a critical role in enhancing situational awareness, needed for powering an array of intelligent applications ranging from worker safety to improved asset utilization. Nokia Visual Position and Object Detection running on MX Grid is the first solution to make this possible at scale through patented algorithms and full lifecycle management, enabling the solution to be updated as new capabilities emerge. Privacy and security are key concerns for customers and with data confined and processed at the MX Grid micro and MXIE edge, Visual Position and Object Detection also ensures data privacy can be always maintained."

The new MX Grid application complements other Nokia Tracking and Positioning solutions such as Bluetooth-based HAIP, and third-party solutions running on MXIE, such as HERE HD GNSS or Nordic ID.

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