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DBT-ICT can use any crop residue to make ethanol at competitive price: S. R. Soni

In today’s scenario, the major roadblock is the successful implementation of the EBP (Ethanol Blending Programme). Still the government is trying very hard on it. If DBT-ICT technology is clubbed with the sugar mill model, it can give very fruitful results and EBP can be achieved very easily. This including many other things have been shared by S. R. Soni, Head, Technology Development of India Glycols in an exclusive conversation with Devdiscourse (the media partner) on the sidelines of ‘Waste Management Series of Summits’ 2020 organized in New Delhi on January 30-31. Here are a few excerpts:

Devdiscourse News DeskDevdiscourse News Desk | Updated: 07-02-2020 23:31 IST | Created: 07-02-2020 23:29 IST
DBT-ICT can use any crop residue to make ethanol at competitive price: S. R. Soni
WMSS has done a fantastic and expanded job by bringing all different stakeholders under one roof, said S R Soni, Head, Technology Development of India Glycols. Image Credit: Devdiscourse News Desk

During the conversation with Devdiscourse, S. R. Soni focussed on the 2G demo plant operated by India Glycols. According to him, the 2G demo plant is based on DBT-ICT technology (developed by the DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai). The major USP of this technology is the extraction of any sort of biomass is possible and even this technology can use any crop residue to make ethanol at a very competitive price.

"There are many technology providers globally but the issues with everybody are like the availability of feedstock, scale up of the plant are sometimes high, and they are not able to get the feedstock at the right time, and some issues related to technology may be there. But there are good technology providers in India," Soni opined.

"The USP of this technology is that all the assets, alkali enzymes and chemicals which are utilized in this technology, we are recycling back to the system. This is a zero pollutant technology, the operating cost comes down drastically. Everything which is coming out of this plant will be utilized somehow or other," added Soni. Click here to see the full interview:

Soni participated as a speaker on 'Biofuels – The Wonder Fuel' in the 'Waste Management Series of Summits 2020 aka WMSS 2020 organized in India's capital city, New Delhi from January 30 to 31. Devdiscouse became the media partner of this summit. He said to Devdiscourse that WMSS has done a fantastic and expanded job by bringing all different stakeholders under one roof. "This is a perfect podium we find technology providers and users discussing various technologies concerning with the advanced biofuels and coming out with the logical solutions. They have really done a good job and they keep on doing such kind of summits in the near future," Soni further said.

"What I've noticed is that we are touching the burning topic of all the developed countries. In India, for example, we are dealing with biofuels, advanced biofuels, bio CNGs, whereas various technologies providers are being invited here which are giving their technologies at their level best. And apart from that, all the stakeholders and the users including the policymakers are also here who will have good insights after going through this 2-day program and they will be able to frame up the technologies as per their requirements," he added.

For more news and views on waste management, please visit Live Discourse on Waste Management Series of Summits (WMSS 2020) being organized by Indus Exposium on 30th - 31st January 2020 in New Delhi.

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