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Not Patient!

A Global Communication Campaign by Devdiscourse in collaboration with Department of Social Work, Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, India

Take the pledge with us

I hereby discontinue to use the term ‘patient’ for pregnant women and resolve to work for ensuring their mental health and well-being through positive communication.

Current State of Affairs

  • The age old adage – as mother as child – is now being vindicated in scientific researches throughout the world.
  • In a study in February 2019, the scientists in the UK concluded that a woman’s attitude during pregnancy could affect her child’s intelligence.
  • Studies worldwide suggest that positive thinking, ambience and communication could act as a boon for maternal health and holistic development of the fetus while negative thinking and tension cause adverse effects.
  • Historically, communities throughout the world have inherited various cultural practices to boost positive thoughts and self-respect among ‘To Be mothers’.

What goes wrong?

  • Deterioration in the ambience of positive thinking caused by modern lifestyle adversely affect the health and well-being of the pregnant mothers leading to rising in pregnancy complexities and surgical deliveries.
  • Profiteering among healthcare professionals is also a major cause behind the alarming rise in cesarean deliveries which is destroying the health of ‘To Be Mothers’ and future generations.
  • The first indication of this profiteering, mentality starts from the day an expectant mother is registered as a ‘patient’.
  • Addressing a ‘To Be Mother’ as a ‘patient’ and above all treating her like a ‘patient’ every time she visits the maternity healthcare centre not only adversely affects her socio-psychological behaviour but shrinks her personality from a jubilant ‘To Be Mother’ to merely a ‘patient’.
  • In the course of time, the relatives also start her treating like a patient and gradually she herself starts behaving as a patient. This socio-psychological pressure adversely affects her mental well-being and forces her to surrender in the hands of greedy healthcare professionals who trap her in the web of profiteering.
  • A recent study of WHO published on 9th October 2019 revealed that pregnant women also face verbal and physical harassment in the hospitals. According to the report, the women are often mocked, abused, tortured and even slapped in the delivery room.

Some grieve facts about cesarean deliveries

Since 1985, the international healthcare community has considered the ideal rate for caesarean sections to be between 10-15%.

  • The Louisiana state is called as ‘Cesarean Capital of the USA’ for 47.3% cesarean deliveries in 2017.
  • In 2015, cesarean deliveries went up by 10 times in Latin American and Caribbean region in comparison to Central and West Africa.
  • Data says the cesarean cases increased in the USA from 23% in 2000 to 32% in 2015. In the same period, the cesarean deliveries in the United Kingdom increased by 19.7% to 26.2% of births.
  • According to an RTI information provided by the Government of NCT Delhi, the private hospitals in Delhi conducted 65 to 73% caesarean deliveries in 2014-15.

Vicious Stages of Negativity and Profiteering

What is needed

Devdiscourse is of the very strong opinion that like many other problems in the 21st century, negative communication is the root cause of this tragedy. We also firmly believe that the sufferings of the ‘To Be Mothers’ could be minimized and happiness increased in their lives through positive discourse and sensitization of various stakeholders associated with maternal healthcare.

The Path of Happiness

And, thus the campaign is aimed at

  1. To contribute in global achievement of SDG 3.7 and SDG 5.6 by 2030.
  2. To combat the exploitative communication design of some greedy health professionals meant to demoralize ‘To Be Mothers’ by calling and treating them as patients.
  3. To sensitize the healthcare professionals about respectful treatment of ‘To Be Mothers’ and providing them pleasant ambience from the day of her first visit to the maternity healthcare till the safe delivery.
  4. To work for overall respectful and pleasant ambience for ‘To Be Mothers’ by sensitizing society at large.

Anatomy of Campaign

Partnerships with various stakeholders are rightly considered crucial for a communication campaign of the global level. We solicit the partnerships from various national and international institutions, public offices and civil service organizations (CSOs) working in the areas of health, education and SDG 5 (Gender Equality).

Health Partners

The partnership is open for healthcare institutions (hospitals, maternity healthcare centres, and related public offices) throughout the globe.

Those willing to join will be required to support the campaign by signing the pledge and gradually stop using the term ‘patient’ for expectant mothers but instead use ‘To Be Mother’. They will also be required to ensure respectful, dignified and pleasant ambience for ‘To Be Mothers’. As the choice of the term ‘To Be Mother’ is optional, the healthcare institutions may use any other parallel term in the national or local language. After joining the campaign, the health partners may organize awareness events at their level.

Education Partners

Educational institutions (universities, colleges and related public offices) throughout the world are also invited for partnership. The educational intuitions are simply required to support the campaign by signing the pledge. They can also organize awareness events at their level.

SDG Partners

Public offices and CSOs working for SDG 5 (Gender Equality) are also welcomed for partnership in the campaign. They are simply required to support the campaign by signing the pledge and organize awareness events at their level.

Corporate Partners

Besides being part of a noble cause which is associated with each and every human being on the globe, the partnership with the campaign will go a long way in the brand building and image management of corporate partners. In addition to displaying the logo of corporate partners on the dedicated campaign page, we will also cover news, articles, and selected interviews (textual and video). The logo of the corporate partners will be prominently displayed in all the publicity material of the campaign and special mentions are made wherever required/agreed upon.

International Organizations

The international organizations and affiliating agencies of the United Nations working in the field of health, education and SDG 5 are also welcomed to sign the pledge as support for the campaign.

The content created by Devdiscoruse team and contributed by campaign partners, supporters and volunteers will be disseminated in the form of news, blogs, articles, analyses, researches, videos, cartoons, etc.
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Positive thinking, positive ambience and positive communication can act as a boon for the maternal health and holistic development of the fetus. Sign up and become a part of the army of volunteers that aim to make sure that motherhood remains a positive experience, right from the hospital.
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In addition to the above three modes of catalysing objective discourse, the Devdiscourse will also run Live Discourse. Here, the participants could contribute by posting textual and audio-visual content. The Live Discourse will be open for all the partners, supporters, and volunteers.

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