Massive Boost: Rs 15 Lakh Crore Investments in Infra and Realty Sectors by 2026

A domestic rating agency predicts Rs 15 lakh crore investments in India's infrastructure and realty sectors by March 2026. This investment will fuel renewable energy capacity, road construction, and real estate projects, driven by strong demand and government policies supporting growth.

PTI | Mumbai | Updated: 18-06-2024 16:58 IST | Created: 18-06-2024 16:58 IST
Massive Boost: Rs 15 Lakh Crore Investments in Infra and Realty Sectors by 2026
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Infrastructure and real estate sectors in India are set to witness a massive influx of investments, amounting to Rs 15 lakh crore, by March 2026, according to a recent report by a domestic rating agency.

The forecasted investments are expected to create 50 GW of renewable energy capacity and expand the nation's road network by 25,000 kilometers, fostering significant development in both infrastructure and realty sectors. The agency highlighted that these investments will grow by 38 percent in fiscal years 2025 and 2026.

Government policies and strong underlying demand are key drivers behind this surge in investment, which aims to bolster India's green energy initiatives, improve physical connectivity, and support residential and commercial real estate projects. The agency noted substantial investor interest fueled by auctions, regulatory amendments, and favorable economic conditions.

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