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Intellicus Showcases its Powerful Next-gen BI Capabilities at LiveWorx'19

PTINew Delhi
Updated: 14-06-2019 14:23 IST
Intellicus Showcases its Powerful Next-gen BI Capabilities at LiveWorx'19

Image Credit: Pixabay

Intellicus was back at LiveWorx this year in Boston to showcase its BI capabilities. This year, LiveWorx was focused on technology innovations for digital transformation. In sync with this trend, Intellicus demonstrated how next-gen BI can be leveraged to accelerate digital transformation and get more value from it.

Self-Serve + Machine Learnt Predictions + Visualizations + What-If = Next-gen BI

The whole concept of next-gen BI revolves around empowering business users. The idea is to enable business users to do self serve analytics and perform predictively, what-if analytics on their everyday data.

At LiveWorx 19, Intellicus demonstrated how built-in data science and machine learning capabilities enable users to get predictive insights on their operational data in easy steps. With these insights, users can plan for the next hour or day or week, etc. Intellicus users can also do what-if analytics on their data and get intelligence on possible future outcomes in case some factors vary. In addition to these key highlights, the audience at the event also got a glimpse of the new interactive and responsive visualizations in Intellicus.

As a next-gen BI, Intellicus equips its users to address the challenges for today and tomorrow. They can plan more scientifically and get the best outcomes - and this empowerment contributes significantly to expediting digital transformation.

Rajesh Murthy, VP Engineering at Intellicus, also presented an Ignite Talk at the event and spoke about how Intellicus enables business users to apply machine learning models in real time for predictions.

"We have received a very enthusiastic response to our enhanced capabilities. Our users are excited to use them for operational intelligence. Intellicus is happy and proud to be leading innovation and transformation in BI," he said.

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