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Garuda Mall Presents Bengaluru's Biggest Doll and Book Festival August 2019

PTI Bangalore
Updated: 16-08-2019 13:07 IST
Garuda Mall Presents Bengaluru's Biggest Doll and Book Festival August 2019

Never before has a mall presented handcrafted heritage dolls in such a fashion. Many Bangaloreans would have not seen this rare art form which is diminishing day by day. For many, it will bring back memories of a time gone by where many houses would be adorned by these beauties during Navratri time. It was a treat to visit the houses to see the stories the dolls weaved about Indian culture and mythology. This is being presented to a generation that has never witnessed this at the Garuda Mall. The idea is to invoke a spark of imagination in one's mind of the stories and history of Indian mythology which is disappearing in cities day by day.

Now Garuda Mall has joined hands with Samskruti Doll Makers, a group of artists across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc., who created these textile dolls and help to keep alive the rich traditions of India and also helps to provide a livelihood to many underprivileged women by teaching them this ancient art.

Together they are aiming to create a Guinness world record by displaying more than 3000 rare handmade dolls under one roof along with more than 1500 dolls available for sale. Along with with this organizing the Book festival. Here more than 10,000 books are available for sale. Especially for children, there will be separate bookstalls available.

The dolls are traditionally displayed in a way to tell the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata, stories of rural weddings, rural livelihood, pottery making, folk dance, festivals, harvest celebration. This way they showcase the myriad intricacies of Indian society and culture.

For all those who are looking at experiencing this rare art form and support these artisans to help to achieve the Guinness world record should come to Garuda Mall with their friends and family. Along with this, the mall showcases a huge book fair.

It is a rare treat to the entire family only at the Garuda Mall from 16th to 18th August 2019. Popular actress Ms Ragini Dwivedi will be pledging her support to this event and will grace the occasion along with popular RJ's, celebrities, sports personalities and dignitaries. Enjoy the extraordinary weekend.

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