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Bengaluru, Nov 25 (PTI) Following are today's

Bengaluru, Nov 25 (PTI) Following are today's

Following are today'sVegetable rates quoted at Agriculture Produce MarketingCommittee (APMC), Rates per Quintal

Cauliflower 800-4200, Brinjal 900-4200, Tomato200-2250, Bitter Gourd 800-4000, Bottle Gourd 400-2400,Ash Gourd 1000-1200, Green Chilly 900-3000, Banana Green1000-3800, Beans 800-3600, Green Ginger 1500-5200,Carrot 1300-6000, Cabbage 600-3000, Ladies Finger 1100-3600,Snakegourd 800-2400, Beetroot 1143-4000, Cucumbar 150-1600,Ridgeguard 900-4000, Raddish 300-3000, Capsicum 2000-5200,Drumstick 1800-22000, Sweet Pumpkin 133-1200, Knool Khol1000-4000, Lime 200-4100.

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