7 Best Services That Can Write my Personal Statement

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7 Best Services That Can Write my Personal Statement
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A personal statement is an autobiographical essay outlining your best qualities, including skills, talents, achievements, and objectives. Institutions of higher learning often require applicants to share details about their interests and commitment to the chosen career path. Based on the information provided in a personal statement, the education review board can assess a student's suitability to the institution and their probability of completing the chosen course. Thus, a well-written personal statement may just be your ticket to a coveted university or college. You may also use such an essay when applying for a job or an internship. Employers may request a personal statement when gauging applicants' writing skills and personal values.

Whether writing for a job or college application, similar qualities are required. A personal statement has unique features and characteristics that make it attractive, informative, and easy to read. No employer or education board member wants to waste hours reading a boring college essay. You must ensure your document can attract the intended audience and keep them engaged to learn more about you. For this and many other reasons, you may want to engage an independent essay writer, reviewer, or editor. Here are some of the most prominent online sites I have previously contracted to write my personal statement for me.

  1. Orderessay.net
  2. Cheapwritingservice.com
  3. Cheapwritingservice.org
  4. Collegepaperworld.com
  5. Cheetahpapers.com
  6. Academicexperts.com
  7. Write-right.net

1. Orderessay.net: Best Overall

When looking for a site to write my personal statement, I needed a pocket-friendly entity that would guarantee me quality. I wanted to connect with the selected writer since the document mostly features unique details they could not find online. I found orderessay.net to be the most suitable for the work due to its professional support team and simplistic writer-selection process.

Besides, they have an interesting feature where you pay the writer to comment on the paper after completion. The smart paper option forces the expert to explain their reasoning for including or excluding specific details in the document through additional comments. This way, the customer spends less time reviewing the paper and conceptualizes the writer's thinking.

I chose orderessay.net to write my personal statement for me because their writers are properly trained and regularly evaluated to guarantee quality. The site outlines the steps of hiring an expert, detailing a strict recruitment process hell-bent on excellence. Coupling quality with safety also increases the website's competitiveness. The site features a DMCA badge that corroborates its commitment to safeguarding customers' personal information against illegal access by third parties. It further enhances security by using verifiable payment methods with no additional details to access its services.

2. Cheapwritingservice.com: Most affordable

While most sites strive to balance various factors influencing customer decisions, cheaptwritingservice.com cares for the student's pockets. When looking for someone to help me write my personal statement, I wanted a service that could do so affordably. This site is most suitable when dealing with a tight budget, especially for self-sponsored students. The best way to take advantage of their cheap prices is to place your order with longer deadlines and utilize their discount policies. The site has incredible discounts for new and existing customers, reducing their pocket-friendly prices further and rewarding loyalty.

Despite the customer-focused pricing strategy, cheapwritingservice.com does not compromise on quality. The company has a reputation for high customer satisfaction based on a 4.5-star rating on Sitejabber and testimonials from verified users. Customer testimonies attest to its timely delivery and expert writers that adhere strictly to order instructions. Besides, the support team willingly bends backward to guarantee customer satisfaction, especially when resolving disputes. The team's first option when dealing with a disgruntled user is offering to revise the paper at no additional cost despite the implication on the writers' working schedule. If the dispute remains unresolved, they will direct you through a systematic refund policy that ensures at least 80% of your money is refunded when the writer fails to meet your expectations.

3. Essayhelp.org: Known for support professionalism

 Before I pay someone to write my personal statement, I always ensure they have my best interest at heart. I evaluate the writer's intentions through conversations and reading between the lines. Most sites do not allow direct communication between the writer and the client. In some cases, the support team representatives have little understanding of the customer's needs and fall short of forced intermediaries. I chose essayhelp.org to write my personal statement due to their open-door policy. The site allocates a customer service agent to guide you through the delivery process, from order placement to dispute resolution, if any. It has a direct message feature that allows easy communication with the expert. This approach is extremely important for personal statements as the writer requires additional input to personalize the paper.

Additionally, essayhelp.org values confidentiality and does not share the customer's personal details with third parties. Although the site has a security badge from DMCA, the assurances from human respondents through the communication channels are more reassuring. The human touch creates a rapport between the company and its customers, making it trustable and easily dependable. The quality and verifiability of the writers also enhance their reliability. This site is most suitable for first-time users of custom writing entities as the relationship gives you a platform to learn the services and provides a safe room for newbies to make a few mistakes without fear of being conned by online scammers. The site's genuineness is its strongest selling point.

4. Collegepaperworld.com: Suitable for technical papers

While other sites specialize in affordability and speedy delivery, collegepaperworld.com chooses quality. The site is known for its writers' expertise and experience. Although quality work doesn't always come cheap, the company has recently strived to reduce its prices. The new pricing strategy has lowered customer costs significantly, bringing the rates down to the market average. This might be the site's approach to remaining relevant in a relatively competitive industry with a rise in cheap alternatives. However, the company does not compromise on quality.

As the name suggests, the service is based on the need for college paper help services designed to assist university students with assignments. This is the best site to start with if you are looking for a service to help with your personal statement. The company boasts years of experience in the industry with tenured writers who rely on writing as their primary source of income. As a result, the experts continuously improve their skills and guarantee quality. The entity guarantees zero plagiarism and low similarity indices despite working on numerous papers and assignments. The writers have developed unmatched abilities to overcome the complexities in the industry, making them the best for technical papers. This characteristic also makes collegepaperworld.com best suited for college application essays, especially for strict institutions.

5. Cheetahpapers.com: Best for short deadlines

Short deadlines can be daunting and stressful, especially when balancing work and studies. Students always have to weigh their opportunity costs, often risking low grades for a chance to remain productive at their part-time jobs. With cheetahpapers.com, you don't have to compromise. The site excels in speedy deliveries, making it most suitable for short deadlines. It has a reliable ordering process backed by authentic expert writers that enable the company to complete papers at unimaginable speeds or as low as two hours. The downside of the speedy delivery is relatively higher prices for the short deadlines meant to attract the best writers. Although the site works on normal deadline papers, I found it most efficient for the short ones as the experts seem more adamant about cashing in on the attractive pay. Thus, cheetahpapers.com is most suitable for this type of work.

Other benefits may stream from the site's money-back guarantee and safety measures. Although its most outstanding feature is timeliness, the speed does not affect the quality or the commitment to the customers' safety and security. The company promises the users a high level of confidentiality, with the order form only needing minimal personal details to complete. Using renowned payment methods and a security badge corroborates this commitment and increases customer confidence when placing an order. The support is fairly helpful, although the short deadlines sometimes eliminate the need for unnecessary conversation. As a result, many customers may not get the chance to assess the team's customer relations prowess. However, the comprehensive order form covers significant details required to complete an order faster.

6. Academicexperts.com: Best for long-term engagement

Academicexperts.com is well known for its excellence in academic writing, especially for research and term papers. Suppose you are writing a personal statement for a university application. This site is most suitable for establishing a long-term engagement culminating in cheaper paper writing. The company offers unmatched discounts for loyal customers, and a personal statement may be a good starting point for the relationship. Since college students experience immense challenges in academic writing during the early stages of their college life, the experts here have experience with inexperienced customers.

Freshman and sophomore years are particularly daunting due to the limited knowledge of university guidelines and writing styles. With the site's experience working with students from major institutions of higher learning, you are more likely to benefit from lower prices for complex orders. You can also capitalize on a long-term engagement by requesting discounted rates for shorter papers like discussion essays and reflections. This site provides an opportunity to enhance your knowledge in academic writing through direct engagements with the writers and the support team.

You can learn how to write a personal statement by ordering practice samples and complementary services from the company at very competitive prices. Besides completing papers from scratch, academicexperts.com also offers proofreading and editing services. Their orders also come with a free plagiarism check assuring the customer that the similarity index will not surpass the minimum required at the institution. Establishing a rapport has additional benefits as it prepares you for the challenges of working with strict professors and limited access to various databases in the early school years. The site has experience working with thousands of renowned institutions of higher learning, creating a knowledge-based of requirements and means of overcoming various hurdles created to limit students' quest for assistance.

In most cases, their experts may have previously completed an assignment similar to yours. As a result, your professor's strictness will not inhibit your success. Working with an experienced custom writing entity guarantees you refined ways of doing things or improved processes perfected to match the dynamic academic environment.

7. Write-right.net: Best for short papers

Sometimes, students need someone they can turn to when unavailable or work on short, repetitive assignments. No matter how much you try, working on assignments never gets interesting. Despite having admirable levels of interest and deriving satisfaction in their chosen career path, very few students enjoy spending hours on repetitive tasks like discussion posts and responses. Sometimes, you are forced to abandon critical tasks to participate in redundant conversations in monitored spaces for a few additional points. Write-right.net has perfected skills in short essays and repetitive tasks that require extreme care to avoid plagiarism. Most of the assignments have been worked on for years, with millions of responses accounting for the high probability of similarity with previous responses. Students experience challenges in structuring their work to demonstrate independent thinking and originality of thought. This site has a group of experts trained to manage critical thinking assignments designed to weigh students' emotional intelligence and social skills. They also specialize in short assignments like book and article reviews.

Emotional intelligence and people skills place the company among the most preferred writers of personal statements. They have a way of structuring your words and accomplishments to match the needs of the institutional review boards. The experts understand the unwritten rules of college and job applications, making them suitable for personal statements, letters, and resumes. They are also experienced in speech writing and discussion posts. This is the place to be if you are looking for a site to tackle your literature assignments and law papers. You can also rely on writeright.net to complete social science papers that require extra knowledge of people's behavior and community work. The site boasts of cultural competence accounting for the diversity required to excel in today's globalized societies and academic institutions.

Choosing the best writer to write my personal statement for me

I can only use the best custom writing sites to help me write my personal statement. However, selecting a reliable site to write my personal statement for me hasn't always been easy. Before contracting, you must assess an entity's reliability and quality to guarantee a good personal statement. Below is a list of essential features of a good custom writing site.

Finding the best site to help me write my personal statement

1. Must have a money-back guarantee

A good custom writing service should be confident about its ability to deliver quality work. The company should demonstrate commitment to following your instructions through a systematic refund policy outlining the instances necessitating a refund.

2. Should have an accessible and professional support team

One of the most annoying complications of any online business is bad customer service. Since conversations with customers are done virtually, internet-based entities fail to invest in customer relations. You want a site that will listen to your concerns and address them without trivializing your fears. A professional support team is a primary indicator of quality.

3. The writers should be experienced

Based on the available samples and your conversation with the assigned writer, you can gauge the experts' professionalism and experience. You can also assess their English language comprehension and understanding of your assignment. Experienced sites have perfected their customer relations, retaining realistic controls to deter scammers and increasing efficiency in production. You can detect a good writer based on their ability to respond to your messages.  

4. Must have a simple payment system

The company should have a known payment method, indicating a commitment to transparency and security. A good site should allow customers to pay for services using ordinary platforms such as credit cards and e-wallets. Most sites use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. A complicated payment method is often the first warning that the website could be a scam.

5. The ordering process should be straightforward

Additionally, the site should outline the steps involved when placing an order, from the initial site visit to paper delivery. These steps should be simple enough for an elementary-level learner to complete. Good sites usually have an ordering form with specific lines for instructions and order details. The form must be comprehensive to guarantee accuracy and adequacy.

6. Should have notable security features

Custom writing is a risky business that requires extreme confidentiality. A good site should guarantee the safety and security of the customer's personal information. Major websites will have a DMCA-Protected or Trusted-Site badge. The site should also have a list of the terms of conditions stating its commitment to the users' confidentiality. It should also indicate connections with third parties, especially in information sharing.

7. Must have a simple pricing policy

A good writing site should reveal the estimated cost of an order beforehand. Most notable custom-writing entities allow their customers to compare prices through an interactive system. This approach demonstrates confidence in the company's services and enables the student to make an informed decision. You can only place an order within your budget if you know the actual prices.

The ordering process for a personal statement

1. Create a draft

Institutions of higher education have specific requirements for writing a personal statement. Some even provide step-by-step guidelines outlining its critical components. With this information, you can create a draft paper providing crucial details that meet the university's requirements. You can also create an outline, dictating your important sections and the information needed in each segment. Expert writing skills become relevant in organizing the paper structure and cross-checking the final essay against requirements. 90% of the information contained in a personal statement comes from the client, as nobody can tell your life story better than you. The details should also be accurate as you may be required to demonstrate your skills during a physical interview.

2. Check for referrals

Once you have drafted your paper, ask for referrals from friends or review available social media platforms. You can also search for reliable custom-writing entities online using specific keywords to enhance the accuracy of your search. A comprehensive search criterion will lead you to several sites. Review the alternative options noting their values and traditions, settling only for the one with the highest quality and reasonable prices.

3. Review samples

Review the samples featured on the website and request for more. Some sites allow customers to request samples for the specific writer assigned to complete their order. A personal statement is the first step in your academic journey and will influence the perception of the university selection committee. Make sure the expert assignment to complete your paper understands this construct and the significance the statement has in your academic journey.

4. Assess their knowledge and comprehension of the English language

Communicate directly with the support team and writer, gauging their writing skills and English language comprehension. If you are an English native speaker, request an ENL writer. For non-native speakers, you can use ENL or ESL writers based on your preferences. Make sure to mention your academic background and English knowledge.

5. Review the final work

Review the final paper severally and request a revision if necessary. A personal statement requires extensive individual input to ensure it describes you adequately. It is autobiographical writing designed to represent the subject in a panel of strangers. Thus, you must ensure the document contains truthful information that you can defend later. You should also countercheck any ambiguous details that need refining.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to write my personal statement

Writing a personal statement requires an in-depth understanding of the purpose and target audience. It is an autobiographical essay outlining your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and achievements based on the guidance provided by an employer or academic institution.

Can I pay someone to write my personal statement?

You can pay a professional writer to write your personal statement, proofread, or edit your initial draft.

Who can write my personal statement for graduate school?

Some entities have invested significantly in training and hiring professional writers. You only need a reliable custom writing service to find a qualified writer.

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