Indiana Jones 5: Mads Mikkelsen opens up about his character in the movie

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Indiana Jones 5: Mads Mikkelsen opens up about his character in the movie
Mads Mikkelsen said, “I do think I’m invited in to create a character, I think that everybody wants that. Image Credit: Facebook / Mads Mikkelsen
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After a long gap of 13 years, Indiana Jones is returning to theaters in July 2022, with Indiana Jones Season 5. Indiana Jones 5, which is yet to be titled, will be directed by Logan director James Mangold. Fans would be happy to know that Lucasfilm is casting Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the female lead alongside Harrison Ford.

And now, after actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge's joining, the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen has joined Indiana Jones 5. In a conversation with Collider, Mads Mikkelsen stated he was "invited in to create" his Indiana Jones 5 character.

Mads Mikkelsen said, "I do think I'm invited in to create a character, I think that everybody wants that. That's why they pick certain actors that they think can come up with certain things, and it will be a collaboration as it always is. Interesting enough, again a little like Riders of Justice, there is kind of a genre mix in Indiana Jones always. There is something that is a little larger-than-life, almost back to the 30s with a Peter Lorre kind of feel, and then you have Indiana Jones who kind of is a straight man. But he does produce a lot of funny and interesting things, but there are different character genres in some of those films."

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When he was asked how he felt when he got the offer to join Indiana Jones 5 cast, he answered, "I'm very, very excited about it… I rewatched Raiders of the Lost Ark the other day, it is so well-done and so charming, and it's such great storytelling," says Mikkelsen. "So yes it's a great honor to be part of that franchise that I grew up with… I'm in a lucky position where they let me read the script before. And yes, it was everything I wished it to be, so that was just great."

Harrison Ford is returning to his famous role in Indiana Jones. Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Simon Emanuel will join Steven Spielberg as producers. Indiana Jones 5 will also have John Williams serving as composer.

Indiana Jones 5 will be set in the 1960s and will start with Indiana Jones getting retired and enjoying his retirement life with Marion Ravenwood. After that, he may get involved in discovering the Fountain of Youth after he learns that several vials of water said to be from the fabled monument are real, which involves a trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

Previously Indiana Jones 5 was scheduled to release this summer and delayed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the film is set to premiere in theaters on July 29, 2022. Stay tuned to Devdicourse to get more updates on Hollywood movies.

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