Shrek 5 to focus on Shrek's family, his & Fiona's teenage kids

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Shrek 5 to focus on Shrek's family, his & Fiona's teenage kids
There is no official release date for Shrek 5. Image Credit: Facebook / Shrek
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The DreamWorks Animation movie Shrek 5 was announced back in 2016. Later it was reported the movie is under development. It’s been over 10 years since the last sequel ‘Shrek Forever’ has been released. No wonder fans are waiting to get updates on the final chapter.

There are four main movies in the Shrek franchise. They are as follows: Shrek (2001), Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek the Third (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010).

After the success of Shrek 2, producer Jeffrey Katzenberg disclosed that the story of Shrek had been outlined into five movies almost from the beginning. In other words, he had hinted for Shrek 5 way back in 2004.

The plot or synopsis for Shrek 5 is yet to be revealed. However, it will not pick up where the previous movie was completed. The characters in Shrek 5 are going to be the same but the creators want to introduce a new plot and theme. Earlier Collider reported that Shrek and Donkey would have much more adventures in Shrek 5.

Michael McCullers earlier hinted that the storyline has "a pretty big reinvention." Besides Jeffrey Katzenberg told Shrek 5 is bringing back Lord Farquaad, the villain.

The studio signed up Michael McCullers to work as the new writer, EconoTimes earlier confirmed. He has been given the task of giving some new twists in the storyline and create everything new.

Shrek and Donkey will have much more adventures in Shrek 5. According to some media outlets, the characters in Shrek 5 would be familiar with modern gadgets like smartphones and many more. The plot would focus on Shrek's family, his and Fiona's kids who are grown-up or teenagers now.

However, it is still not confirmed whether the upcoming movie is a reboot or a sequel. Fans are divided on what would be the storyline of Shrek 5. Some fans believe that the fifth Shrek movie would a sequel of the franchise, while others think Shrek 5 would be a reboot rather than a spinoff of the original story.

According to ScreenRant, Jeffrey Katzenberg once said that Shrek 5 will have a direct connection to the original film series in that the fifth movie will show "how Shrek came to be in the swamp." However, another group of fans believes Shrek 5 will be a reboot, meaning it will execute the same concept differently.

Currently, there is no official release date for Shrek 5. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse for more updates.

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