Vincenzo 2: Fans still hopeful although Song Joong Ki didn't sound optimistic

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Vincenzo 2:  Fans still hopeful although Song Joong Ki didn't sound optimistic
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Since the K-drama Vincenzo dropped its finale on May 2, 2021, fans are all ears for any news on Season 2. There are several instances of South Korean series that were renewed on fans’ demand. But this time, they are now losing hope that Vincenzo will ever have a season 2.

Why fans are losing hope for Vincenzo Season 2?

The highly-anticipated finale of Vincenzo achieved the highest viewership rating since the drama began. The drama is currently the 9th highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history and also the 6th highest-rated drama in the history of tvN. Vincenzo became a massive hit in South Korea. The K-drama is also very popular with global audiences, thanks to Netflix.

Vincenzo's network TvN hasn't officially confirmed any news on its renewal for a second season. It seems Netflix will not return with Vincenzo Season 2 for the South Korean and global audience.

In an interview with Jazmine Media, Song Joong Ki, who played the title character Vincenzo Cassano, was asked about the possibility of Vincenzo Season 2. He said, "Nothing has been said about Season 2."

Song Joong Ki added, “I'm personally happy that many people want Season 2 to come out, but realistically speaking it's not coming out, and I don't think there was ever any Season 2 discussion going on internally.”

He added “That would seem to echo the comments Joong-ki made in a making-of video about the last day of filming Season 1, which seemed to end on a note of finality. I was the only one caught crying on camera, but all of the actors cried. It was such a fun production that I didn't want to say goodbye, and I always get emotional when the final shoot ends.”

Why some enthusiasts are still hoping for Vincenzo Season 2?

While Song Joong Ki didn’t sound optimistic, Kwak Dong Yeon (Jang Han Seo) is willing to play in Vincenzo Season 2. In fact, he suggested a spin-off idea to Netflix Korea on Twitter. The tweet featured a clip of Jang Han-seo enjoying a drink with Vincenzo and expressed their sadness over Vincenzo coming to an end with one season. The actor replied to the tweet and said, "Hope Netflix makes a spinoff (auto-translated by Twitter)."

In an interview with Sports Chosun via Soompi, Kwak Dong-yeon said that Vincenzo Season 2 would be a dream comes true for him. "I think a second season would be a dream come true. I hope that it really happens. All the other actors want it to happen as well."

He defines, "There are still a lot of Babel wannabes in Korea, so it'd be fun if Vincenzo could break them all open in the second season. I'm finished, but there's always a way. Maybe I could be a grown-up Young Ho (Kang Chae Min) or a ghost who follows Vincenzo around all the time. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the current result. Han Seo managed to become a person he could be proud of before he departed the world".

What could be the plot for Vincenzo Season 2?

According to a school of thought, Vincenzo Season 2 could still happen because the first season concluded with Vincenzo taking his revenge against the Babel Group head Jang Jun-woo and flies to an Island near Malta. But the gold is still with Hong Cha-young. Will he return to Korea to get the gold? This cliffhanger could be solved in Vincenzo Season 2 if it happens.

Furthermore, fans are expecting Vincenzo Season 2 to show Hong Cha Young getting married to Vincenzo, although the protagonist reveals her that he has been waiting for her and finally kisses her at the end. But what will happen to her after she learns that Vincenzo is still a mafia?

Alternatively, Vincenzo Season 2 could also portray the application of Guillotine File to eradicate the entire corruption in South Korea. The demolition of corruption has been uttered multiple times in the series, which creates more hope for at least another season.

If the utilization of Guillotine File gets focus in Vincenzo Season 2, AhnGiSeok (ImChulSoo) (team leader of the Italian Organized Crime Division of the International Security Intelligence Service) and Tae Jong Gu (Kwon Tae Won) (Director of the International Organized Crime Bureau, under the International Security Intelligence Service) will probably play major roles.

Currently, there is no update on Vincenzo Season 2. Stay tuned to get more information on the upcoming K-drama.

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