‘The One That Got Away’ gives participants a second chance to fall in love! Find out more details

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‘The One That Got Away’ gives participants a second chance to fall in love! Find out more details
'The One That Got Away’ sees a group of single getting a second chance at love from their past arriving through the portal. Image Credit: The One That Got Away / Amazon Prime Video
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Amazon Prime Video is getting into the dating reality series genre. After 'Soulmates,' the fresh new reality series 'The One That Got Away' sees a group of single getting a second chance at love from their past arriving through the portal. The series' 10 episodes started airing on June 24, 2022. Singer/songwriter Betty Who is going is hosting the show.

Betty Who said to PEOPLE, "The One That Got Away is truly a unique dating experience and it's because of this that I knew I had to be a part of it. It felt like the producers were really trying to do something different with this space by reconnecting people from the past together to find true love."

She continues, "As a singer and songwriter that often sings/writes about the power of love, it was great to see this in motion now as a TV host. I know people will absolutely love this show and I hope it helps them to remember that you can always get a second chance at love."

The One That Got Away has already presented its first episode titled, 'Back To My Future.' The reality series has started with the sun coming up over some rocks, with a romantic music playing in the background. "We all want to find love," says Nigel, one of the contestants in The One That Got Away.

The six participants, Allyssa, Ashley, Jeff, Nigel, Kasey and Vince introduce themselves to each other in the main location. Then Betty arrives and tells them the rules of the show.

The six lucky singles embark on a social media experiment, where they will meet people from their past. One by one people from the past will enter through the portal to surprise the participants and give them a second chance to fall in love.

Here's the synopsis of all the episodes streamed on Amazon Prime on June 24.

The One That Got Away Episode 2: (Flirting with The Past) After a night of reunions, the Singles and their first Arrivals wake up with mixed emotions. Everyone goes on their first dates. Sparks fly for some while the memories fizzle out for others. Then, The Portal fires up with new Arrivals to join the experiment. Tensions rise in the Guest House as the competition for the love of our Singles heats up.

The One That Got Away Episode 3: (Girl Code) The Portal complicates things with more new Arrivals - Ashley catches a break. Nigel asks tough questions to avoid breaking Bro Code. Vince finds nostalgic romance. Jeff is reunited with another supportive chapter of his coming out journey. Kasey falls fast for her Arrivals, and has to fight back hard when Allyssa stirs the pot.

The One That Got Away Episode 4: (Pool Party Pandemonium) Kasey reels from a betrayal by Allyssa while Ashley begins to fall for one of her Arrivals. Vince and Isabel play love games. Jeff decides to host a pool party, inviting all the Arrivals, leading to the most explosive night yet! Kasey finds clarity with Dylan, but things take a tense turn against Ashley when some Arrivals are sent back through The Portal.

The One That Got Away Episode 5: (Really, Portal?! Really!?) As the pool party unravels, The Portal reopens for Jeff and Kasey. Jeff gets a coworker with a crush, and Kasey's cheesy hometown neighbor wants a chance at love. The Arrivals convince Taylor that Ashley might be trouble. Vince's romance with one of his Arrivals goes sky-high, causing jealousy back at the house. Finally, Allyssa has a meltdown when The Portal serves her a less-than-ideal Arrival.

The One That Got Away Episode 6: (Back To Reality) Devastated by her Arrivals, Allyssa gives The Portal one last chance to introduce her to someone she likes. Then, The Portal fires up and serves Ashley an old flame. Kasey goes on the cheesiest date ever. Nigel takes the next step with one of his first Arrivals. Jeff has to make his hardest choice yet, and his controversial decision leaves several people in tears.

The One That Got Away Episode 7 (Second Chances) Jeff's latest Arrival brings him a reality check. Allyssa's Arrivals declare war to win her heart. A scorned woman comes through The Portal for Nigel, putting the pressure on his other Arrivals. Vince dreads making a decision. Kasey confesses her love and offers someone her heart. After an awkward chat with Ashley's Ex, Taylor takes matters into his own hands, changing the experiment forever.

The One That Got Away Episode 8: (Red Flags) Ashley shocks everyone with a surprise, game-changing decision. The drama continues as Kasey angrily confronts an Arrival, Jeff wigs out on a date, and Nigel is forced to confront his past mistakes. Vince falls apart after an exit goes horribly wrong. Then, the Singles bring everyone together for a Camp-Out. But Betty Who crashes the party with a shocking new twist to the experiment.

The One That Got Away Episode 9: (Now Or Never) The Singles and their Arrivals gather for a night under the stars. The Portal closes soon, but are the Singles happy with their current options? An Arrival gets cold feet, so Vince questions her commitment. Nigel is confronted by his past. Allyssa's spark turns into a flame. Kasey gets a glimpse of real love. An old friend thinks he's won Jeff's heart, but a final Arrival sends him into a spiral.

The One That Got Away Episode 10: (The One That Got Away) The Portal opens for the last time to reveal a shocking surprise that hits home. Betty Who drops in to tell the Singles that their time is up and it's time to make their final decision: will these Singles leave alone or will they exit through The Portal with The One That (almost) Got Away?

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