'The Book of Chai': Book celebrates India's most beloved beverage

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'The Book of Chai': Book celebrates India's most beloved beverage
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From exploring history of the piping hot spicy drink to presenting over 60 delicious recipes of the heady concoction of tea leaves and spices, ''The Book of Chai'' celebrates its unique role in Indian culture as the book pays homage to India's beloved beverage.

The book, written by British-Indian author Mira Manek and published by Hachette India, is touted to be a celebration of tea, the delicious drink central to life in India, now rapidly growing in popularity and being enjoyed across the world.

''The idea of 'The Book of Chai' came about a year after I launched my online business. To my delight, writing this book has been an enriching, eye-opening and therapeutic experience, rather like chai itself.

''Even though I've always loved drinking chai, I discovered so much more about the fascinating global history of tea and spices through my research,'' writes Manek, who also owns her own chai brand, in the book.

With over three and a half million hectares of the earth's surface covered by tea plantations, tea is the most popular beverage in the world, after water, and India consumes more tea than any other country globally.

India, also the second-largest tea producer in the world after China, consumed approximately 1.2 billion kg of tea in 2022, according to the book.

''The Book of Chai'' features 65 delicious recipes for chai, including recipes using chai spices and dishes to accompany chai. As well as explaining the health benefits and different techniques for making chai, this book contains teas for different seasons, times of day and moods.

For instance, there are teas to wake you up, to soothe you after a stressful day and to help you sleep, as well as chocolate tea, lassis and teas mixed with citrus and rosewater.

It also lists recipes of some savoury accompaniments to go with tea, including 'chaats', and chilli cheese toasties.

''I've also created breakfast and dessert recipes using chai spices, from 'Apple Crumble Baked Oats' to 'Carrot Cake Masala Chai Cupcakes','' she added.

Besides, blended throughout the book are Manek's personal tea memories, told through her travels in India.

Her previously authored books are the ''Saffron Soul'' cookbook and ''Prajna'', a book on Ayurveda and happiness.

''The Book of Chai'', priced at Rs 899, is currently available for purchase across online and offline stores.

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