Lindsey Vonn Sets Sail: From Downhill Slopes to Hudson Waters

Lindsey Vonn, retired skiing champion, joined the United States SailGP team board of directors. She sailed on the Hudson River aboard a foiling catamaran, experiencing the adrenaline rush of another sport. Vonn highlighted the importance of women's roles in sports, citing grinder Anna Weis as an inspiration.

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Lindsey Vonn Sets Sail: From Downhill Slopes to Hudson Waters
Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn, renowned for her storied skiing career, ventured into new territory by sailing on the Hudson River with the United States SailGP team. The former Olympic champion enjoyed the experience aboard a foiling catamaran, a perk of her new role as a board director.

Despite light winds preventing optimal foiling conditions, Vonn found the excursion thrilling and praised the talent onboard, especially noting her admiration for grinder Anna Weis. 'Grinding is so hard, and what Anna does as a woman is incredible,' she remarked, appreciating the coed team's dynamics.

With women's sports at a pivotal point, Vonn emphasized the influence of figures like Billie Jean King and current athletes. 'They are showing people what's possible,' she said, marking a blend of past efforts and present opportunities. Vonn's adventure underlines her continued passion for adrenaline sports and her dedication to championing women's roles within them.

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