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One Piece Chapter 930 spoilers and release date

One Piece' Chapter 930 is likely to have one of the most interesting things that every anime aficionado is looking forward for a long time.

Devdiscourse News Desk Sonepat
Updated: 13-01-2019 01:27 IST
One Piece Chapter 930 spoilers and release date

Image credit: Twitter

Twitter is bussing with spoilers of One Piece Chapter 930 and delay in its release date. The new release date is January 16 or 17 and will be officially available on 21st January.

As reported by Devdiscourse earlier, the spoilers for 'One Peace' Chapter 930 say that there are not several roles to be taken by Franky who was previously seen (in Chapter 929) giving an effort to find a blueprint from the headquarter of Kaido. The edges of the blueprint were taken by the thieves from Kuri and Foxfire Kin'emon, who is a samurai from Wano Country, asked Franky to assist their colleagues in the capital. Fans are expecting Franky to assist Usopp (the former captain of the Usopp Pirates and sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates) to spread information about the return of the Kozuki Clan.

The anime lovers are wondering how 'One Piece' Chapter 930 takes a new turn after experiencing Chapter 929 as one of the most interesting in the Wano Arc yet because there were lots of attracting details. The sudden appearance of the CP0 at the Wano Country is one of the most shocking facts in the previous Chapter.

'One Piece' Chapter 930 is likely to have one of the most interesting things that every anime aficionado is looking forward for a long time. The confrontation between Sanji (Straw Hat Pirates' cook), Drake (captain of the Drake Pirates), Hawkins (captain of the Hawkins Pirates), Law (Heart Pirates' captain) and Page One (a Headliner of the Beasts Pirates) is the much-awaited moments and we are highly expecting it in the upcoming chapter.

On the other hand, EconoTimes claims that the personal mission of Drake is expected to be elaborated in the upcoming chapter. There is something vital that he wants to accomplish and fans believe that it is none other than hunting Zoro (a former bounty hunter and combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates).

On the other hand, in the upcoming chapter, Sanji may be seen hiding himself to protect himself from being identified as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. The spoilers suggest that he will come in the clash (mentioned above) with three Kaido officials.