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'The Anti-Social Network' will entertain viewers with this unique twist

Devdiscourse News Desk Mumbai
Updated: 14-01-2019 17:58 IST
'The Anti-Social Network' will entertain viewers with this unique twist

Popular comedians Cyrus Sahukar and Jose Covaco will take over the social media accounts of contestants of the show "The Anti-Social Network". "Imagine your social media accounts being taken over by someone? Weird updates, bizzare pictures...How crazy would that be? At a time when we are on our phones 24*7, 'The Anti-Social Network' comes with a concept that's both whacky and challenging," Sahukar said in a statement.

"Jose and I will bring the craziest elements in this show by taking over social media accounts of contestants. I'm excited to get to work on shows that have such out-of-the-box formats. 'The Anti-Social Network' will be a fun ride," added Sahukar, also a popular host and actor. It is an upcoming game show where the two comedians will take control over two social media influencers' Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp accounts for the duration of the episode.

The comedians will then flip the influencers' personality and give them a new character through the tasks that they assign to them. They will study the influencer, about him/her and his/her personality. They will then assign them tasks that will put them out of their comfort zone. Meanwhile, the comedians will have total control over the challenger's social media accounts and will keep posting the tasks on his/her accounts posing as the influencer.

The influencer, on the other hand, will have no access to their phone or social media accounts. The replies and reactions to the posts will be highlighted by the comedians and shown on screen. Both the influencers' tasks will follow a storyline which will be based on the episode's theme. The final task will see both the influencers performing a big gag. After the gag, the comedians will announce the winner. "I am quite kicked by the idea of getting hold of someone's phone and controlling their social media for a day. How ridiculously fun would that be? 'The Anti-Social Network' is going to let me do exactly this and having Cyrus with me, I know I'll be laughing a lot and we're going to have a blast flipping people's social media accounts," said Covaco. "The Anti-Social Network" is going on-air in February on MTV.

(With inputs from agencies.)