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Suits finale: Darvey wedding 'leaks' make fans go gaga but there's a twist

The makers are building it up since the beginning of Suits Season 9 and the finale is also going to be a little longer than usual.

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Updated: 23-09-2019 20:51 IST
Suits finale: Darvey wedding 'leaks' make fans go gaga but there's a twist

Darvey fans are all over the place ever since the Harvey-Donna wedding "leaks" from Suits Season 9 have come to air. From Harvey Specter wearing a ring to Donna Paulsen's pictures have just made the speculations stronger. In fact, the makers are building it up since the beginning of 9th season of Suits.

All the deep conversations, getting time away from work to make sure nothing comes in between them, the overall chemistry and now the ring, especially at a time when Harvey's emotions are amplified.

The last episode in itself is being termed as the best episode of Suits Season 9 and with the "last con" of Harvey and Mike, it is all set to be the surpass the 9th episode as the best episode. But the "last con" was already not all that made the things interesting even before the Darvey wedding leaks. Faye is not there in the promo for Suits Season 9 Episode 10, effectively indicating that they got rid of her and Samantha is also standing in a room with all the key characters. But that's not all, there is a still of Louis and Sheila getting married and Katrina seems to be back as well.

Now coming to the twist to Darvey wedding leaks, the promo picture where Harvey is wearing a ring seems to be from the scene in the promo where he tells Donna that he "needs a little more time" in the cabin very certainly portraying that it is an emotional scene and about Donna's dress, Louis and Sheila are certainly getting married in the next episode and both these leaks can be for the other wedding as well. It is not also confirmed that the scene is from Suits or not. Another thing that reduce the possibility of Darvey wedding is the time constraint, 2 weddings in a single episode might be too much, even by the standards of Suits.

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But one thing seems to be certain that Darvey engagement is happening in the finale of Suits Season 9, the hype being built up over the ring of Harvey's mother can't just die down without that. Rest of the things are best enjoyed when the episode is finally served, and it's going to be a little longer than usual episodes, according to Aaron Korsh.