MP: He-goats yielding 'milk' in a goat rearing centre, Burhanpur

The private centre, Sartaj Goat Rearing Training Center and Research Center, was established six years ago at the district headquarters. There are over 350 goats of around ten different species in the centre.

ANI | Updated: 02-12-2022 12:25 IST | Created: 02-12-2022 12:25 IST
MP: He-goats yielding 'milk' in a goat rearing centre, Burhanpur
He-Goat yielding milk (Photo/ANI). Image Credit: ANI
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In an extraordinary piece of news four male goats (billies) have been found yielding milk normally at a private rearing centre in Madhya Pradesh's Burhanpur district. Manager at the Sartaj Goat Rearing Training and Research Center, Sajid Akhtar, though said: "The staff of the centre says it is normal for us."

"The four male goats have been yielding milk for the last three years. Their cumulative yield is around 300 ml every day," says Akhtar. He adds further, "The goats are of four different species, the Punjabi Bital is named Badshah, Pathira one is 'Sheru', the one of Hansa species is named Sultan and the Hyderabadi one is called Hyderabadi Chacha."

However, this is not a new thing for the veterinarian at the goat rearing centre. Veterinarian Tushar Nimade said that he had seen a he-goat yielding milk around 10 years back. "The reason is hormonal changes in the goat's body. There is one such case in every thousand. The milk has been tested, there is no difference between the male goat's milk and normal goat milk," Nimade added.

The private rearing centre was established six years ago at the district headquarters and it has over 350 goats of some 10 different species. "There is no difference in the quality of the milk, it is same, normal goat's milk," Akhtar added.

He said ever since the news hit headlines, farmers, tourists and researchers have started flocking to the centre on a regular basis. (ANI)

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