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Japanese utility likely to scrap more reactors in Fukushima

PTI Tokyo
Updated: 24-07-2019 12:21 IST
Japanese utility likely to scrap more reactors in Fukushima

Image Credit: Flickr

The operator of the nuclear plant wrecked by a tsunami is considering decommissioning more reactors in northeastern Japan. Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings says a decision is pending on dismantling the four reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ni plant.

Nearby Fukushima Dai-ichi had meltdowns in three reactors and structural damage in a fourth during the 2011 disaster. All six of its reactors are being scrapped in a process that will take decades. TEPCO President Tomoaki Kobayakawa is set to brief Fukushima prefectural and town officials on Wednesday, but the company did not give further details.

The planned decommissioning would mean all 10 of TEPCO reactors in Fukushima will be dismantled. Fukushima officials and residents have demanded the decommissioning, saying the uncertainty hampers reconstruction in the region.

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