'AirVaidya' dhoopa fumes can be effective in preventing air-borne infections, say researchers

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'AirVaidya' dhoopa fumes can be effective in preventing air-borne infections, say researchers
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Researchers at Banaras Hindu University have found that anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the fumes of 'AirVaidya' herbal incense sticks can be effective in preventing air-borne infections.

Prepared by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, 'AirVaidya' contains phytochemicals from 19 medicinal which are known for their potential therapeutic effects to combat the coronavirus.

The ingredients include Raal, Neem Patr, Vasa, Ajwain, Haldi, Lemongrass (lamajjaka), Vacha, Tulsi, Peeli Sarson, Safed Chandan, Ushir, Sudh Guggal, Nagarmotha, Mehendi, Tagar, Loban, Kapoor, Jigat and cardamom husk.

Dr KRC Reddy, Professor in the Department of Rasa Shastra (Ayurveda), Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, who led the research, said, ''Though dhoopan, a medicinal therapy has been described in Ayurveda compendia for ages for its potency in anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral action, in the backdrop of rising COVID-19 cases, this is the first scientific study.'' Dr Reddy explained, ''Participants were divided into two groups — intervention group (150 people) and controlled group (100 people)''. Since the novel coronavirus generally enters the human through the nose and mouth, medicinal fumigation therapy was given to the participants of the intervention group.

They were asked to inhale 'AirVaidya' Herbal Dhoopa fumes for ten minutes twice a day, while the control group was not given such treatment.

''The results were encouraging. Just 4 per cent of the intervention group on the medicinal therapy showed Covid-like symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, or no taste or smell.

''On the other hand, at least 37 per cent, who were not given such therapy, were found to have COVID-19 like symptoms.'' The fumes were also chemically safe on Drosophila flies in the first phase of the clinical trial, Dr Reddy said.

Dr Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals, said, ''The herbal dhoop contains medicinal ingredients like Ushir, Guggal sudh, Nagarmotha, Mehendi, Jigat and ghee -- possessing therapeutic effects that may prevent the entry of coronavirus into the human body system by enhancing the immunity and thus reduces the inflammation caused by virus and bacteria.'' Sharma added that 'AirVaidya' has been launched in the market with the series of Ayouthveda to help people reprieve from COVID-19 infection.

The study was conducted with the help of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals.

The BHU researchers, who have now completed the second phase of the clinical trial of 'AirVaidya' herbal dhoop also said it is beneficial in disinfecting home and office surroundings.

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