Fire Safety Awareness Demand Surges Post Hospital Inferno

Following a deadly fire at a neonatal hospital in East Delhi, the Delhi Fire Service reports a sharp increase in requests for fire safety lectures and demonstrations. The service emphasizes regular safety checks and training to prevent such incidents. Virtual training sessions have also been introduced for public education.

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Fire Safety Awareness Demand Surges Post Hospital Inferno
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In the wake of a devastating fire at a neonatal hospital in East Delhi's Vivek Vihar last month, the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) has experienced a surge in requests for 'Fire Safety Lecture and Demonstration' sessions from various private and government hospitals, officials announced on Thursday.

The tragic incident, which resulted in the deaths of seven newborns, highlighted the hospital's lack of a proper licence and fire department clearance. This has led to heightened awareness and increased demand for fire safety education and training across the city.

'There is no doubt that after the fire incident, we are receiving over 75 requests for fire safety demonstrations from different hospitals. Our teams are actively visiting these institutions to conduct the necessary training,' said a senior DFS official.

Officials stressed the importance of keeping inflammable objects away and ensuring fire extinguishers are up-to-date. Regular inspections by the fire department are crucial in preventing such tragedies. The DFS chief, Atul Garg, remarked that prompt action and proper training could save many lives.

To enhance public preparedness, the DFS has launched special training sessions, including realistic computer-generated simulations, on handling fire emergencies. These virtual sessions are being held at DFS stations in Rohini and Dwarka, with each lab accommodating up to 20 participants at a time.

Despite the recent spike in fire-related calls, the DFS remains committed to reducing such incidents through education and timely intervention. The department noted that it had received a record 183 calls on May 30 and that 55 people have lost their lives in fire-related incidents this year.

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