Causes of tragic Itaewon Halloween stampede revealed as South Korea concludes probe

On October 29, 2022, thousands of young people gathered in Itaewon in the centre of the South Korean capital, a lively party spot marked by narrow streets and alleys dotted with bars and restaurants.

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Causes of tragic Itaewon Halloween stampede revealed as South Korea concludes probe
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South Korea has concluded after over two months the investigation of the tragic Halloween stampede that took place in the Itaewon region of Seoul in October last year which left at least 159 people dead. Citing a recent report by the National Police Agency released on Friday, Japan's NHK World stated that the crowd density of the people crammed into the sloping alley where many of the victims died was as high as 10.74 people per square meter.

The report revealed several causes of the tragedy, one being that people were unable to move more than one hour before the crush. Additionally, it claimed that several people perished after falling and being piled on top of each other The report recounted testimonies from survivors who claimed they were transported to the stampede scene while being pushed back and forth and that their feet were not touching the ground.

Six people have been detained by investigators, including the former station chiefs for Itaewon and the surrounding district police stations, according to NHK World. The incident reportedly occurred when a large group of people rushed to an Itaewon bar after hearing an unidentified celebrity was visiting there, Al Jazeera reported citing the local media. It was also the first Halloween celebration after the Covid-19 outbreak since 2019.

Social media footage showed several people being assisted by rescue officials and private citizens at the scene, and many rescue officials performing CPR on people lying in poor condition on the streets. The packed Halloween festivities in South Korea's capital of Seoul took place in October last year after Covid restrictions were removed, the local officials said. The festivities marked the participation of more than a lakh visitors. (ANI)

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