Kerala Leaders Dismiss Karnataka Deputy CM's Temple Sacrifice Allegations

Kerala ministers K Radhakrishnan and R Bindu, along with the ruling CPI(M), have rejected Karnataka Deputy CM D K Shivakumar's claims of an animal sacrifice ritual targeting him and his government at a temple in north Kerala. The temple committee and police investigation also deny any such events.

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Kerala Leaders Dismiss Karnataka Deputy CM's Temple Sacrifice Allegations
Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar
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Kerala ministers K Radhakrishnan and R Bindu and the ruling CPI(M) in the state on Friday rejected Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar's claim that an animal sacrifice was carried out near a temple in north Kerala in a ritual meant to be against him, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and their government.

The managing committee of the temple in question -- Rajarajeshwara temple at Taliparamba in Kannur district of the state -- refuted Shivakumar's allegations and termed his claims as 100 per cent false.

The committee contended that it was unfortunate that the temple was being dragged into a controversy. It said that if something like his claims had taken place there, everyone would have come to know about it.

Earlier in the day, in separate statements, Ministers Radhakrishnan and Bindu said that what Shivakumar alleged was unlikely to happen in Kerala. Both were of the view that such a sacrifice would never happen in the state.

Bindu, the state Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice said, ''This is Kerala. Such things will not happen here.'' She also said that in other parts of the country, attempts were being made to drag the society into the dark ages.

At the same time, she also said, ''We need to examine whether such attempts are being made in our state too.'' State Devaswom Minister Radhakrishnan said, ''Something like this will never happen in Kerala.'' A similar view was expressed by CPI(M) state secretary M V Govindan who also rejected Shivakumar's claims.

Meanwhile, police sources said that according to a report given by the Special Branch there is no evidence of any animal sacrifice taking place near a temple in Kerala as claimed by the Deputy CM of Karnataka.

The Special Branch gave the report to the State Police Chief after conducting an investigation centred around temples and priests in Kerala, the sources said.

Shivakumar on Thursday had claimed that a ritual named ''Shatru Bhairavi Yaga'', which involves the sacrifice of animals, was performed at a temple in Kerala, targeting him, Siddaramaiah and the Congress government in Karnataka.

Without revealing any names, he had alleged that some political people in Karnataka were getting the ritual done, and that 'aghoris' (monastic order of ascetic Shaivite sadhus) were being consulted for it.

''Shatru Bhairavi Yaga is being performed near Rajarajeshwara temple in Kerala for 'shatru samhara' (destruction of enemies). For this yaga 'pancha bali' (five kinds of sacrifice) is being given...21 goats, three buffaloes, 21 black sheeps, five pigs... Aghoris are being approached. It is going on,'' he had claimed.

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