Northern Israel Wildfires: Amid Rockets and Rescue Efforts

Large areas of northern Israel were set ablaze by wildfires caused by Hezbollah rockets from Lebanon. Rescuers and the Israeli military are striving to control the flames. Many border town residents had previously evacuated due to ongoing conflict. Six reservists were injured, but no lives are currently at risk.

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Northern Israel Wildfires: Amid Rockets and Rescue Efforts
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Large swaths of northern Israel were engulfed by wild fires set off by rockets launched from Lebanon by the militant group Hezbollah, with rescue teams battling on Monday to get them under control.

Many Israelis who live in towns near the Lebanon border evacuated months ago given the escalating fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. Some houses caught fire, local media reported. The Israeli military sent equipment and soldiers to help contain the flames, which spread quickly due to hot and dry weather, and six military reservists were lightly injured.

"The forces gained control over the locations of fire, and at this stage, no human life is at risk," the military said. Israel's parks authority said earlier on Monday that fires had already covered hundreds of acres. The national fire service said its firefighters were operating late into the night in several spots, including in the town of Kiryat Shmona, where they were trying to protect a line of houses.

Police said they closed off roads and were telling residents still in the area to clear out.

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