EU Election Faces AI-Driven Disinformation Threat Amidst Russian Propaganda War

The European Union prepares for elections amidst concerns over AI-driven disinformation exacerbated by Russian propaganda. Over 360 million voters across 27 nations are set to elect 720 parliament members. Experts warn AI tools are boosting the spread of fake news, posing significant threats to democratic processes.

PTI | Brussels | Updated: 05-06-2024 11:13 IST | Created: 05-06-2024 11:13 IST
EU Election Faces AI-Driven Disinformation Threat Amidst Russian Propaganda War
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The European Union is bracing for a critical round of elections starting Thursday, where the spread of AI-enhanced disinformation looms large. Experts have identified that AI can significantly amplify fake news, complicating efforts to safeguard democratic processes across the bloc.

With 360 million voters from 27 nations poised to elect 720 lawmakers for the European Parliament from Thursday to Sunday, the stakes have never been higher. Experts have documented a surge in both the volume and sophistication of disinformation, much of it attributed to Russian propaganda efforts amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

"The Russian state-sponsored campaigns flooding the EU information space with deceptive content threaten our democratic norms," EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell said on Monday. The introduction of AI tools has made it increasingly easy to produce and distribute misleading content, complicating efforts to maintain election integrity.

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