Uzbekistan's Independence Day on today’s Google doodle

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Uzbekistan's Independence Day on today’s Google doodle
Google doodle on September 1, 2022, to celebrate the Independence of Uzbekistan. Image Credit: Google doodles
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Happy Independence Day, Uzbekistan!

 Google doodle on September 1, 2022, to celebrate the Independence of Uzbekistan. This day is an official national holiday in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan National Day or Mustaqillik Kuni marks the country’s break from the Soviet Union in 1991.

In 1991, the August Coup in the Soviet capital of Moscow caused many Soviet republics to declare their independence from the Soviet Union. President of the Uzbek SSR, Islam Karimov announced Uzbekistan is independent of the USSR on 31 August 1991. That same day, the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on the declaration of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a law on the state independence of Uzbekistan.

Once the laws were signed by Karimov, the Uzbek SSR was renamed the Republic of Uzbekistan. The next day was then declared a national holiday, and a day off from work by the government.

For the first time, Uzbeks celebrates their Independence Day on this day in 1992, when a film called Istiqlol (Independence) premiered in cinemas in the capital city of Tashkent. Later that evening, then-president Islam Karimov gave a speech honoring the nation’s freedom at Independence Square. It has since become an annual tradition for Uzbek presidents to deliver a speech celebrating the country’s dignity on National Day.

On the 5th anniversary of independence, President Karimov was awarded the title of Hero of Uzbekistan for the first time in 1996. 2016 celebrated the 25th jubilee anniversary of independence. Uzbek President Islam Karimov, who was hospitalized during the anniversary, would pass away in Tashkent the next day. Karimov's annual Independence Day speech was read on TV by a presenter.

On the eve of the 27th anniversary of independence in 2018, government authorities for the first time decided not to impose restrictions on the admission of citizens of Tajikistan at the border crossings. 2021 saw celebrations in honor of the 30th anniversary of independence, the main celebrations of which were held in the newly created Yangi Uzbekiston Park and a settlement adjacent to Tashkent. The 30th Anniversary Monument, funded by a Turkish company, was opened on that date.

Citizens gather today to attend the grand festivities in the cities around Uzbekistan, The main celebration takes place at the newly opened Yangi O'zbekiston Park, where people enjoy a bustling fair as folk music plays and locals perform traditional Uzbek dances.

Source: Wikipedia, Google Doodles

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