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J&K BJP unit accuse Congress of backing anti-Indian forces

Devdiscourse News Desk Jammu
Updated: 07-04-2019 21:52 IST
J&K BJP unit accuse Congress of backing anti-Indian forces

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The BJP's Jammu and Kashmir unit on Sunday accused the Congress of being in habit of backing anti-Indian forces, saying its promise to amend the AFSPA in militancy-hit Kashmir will only embolden terrorists. "The Congress has always strengthened the hands of anti-Indian forces. It is shocking that the Congress has promised to revoke the AFSPA. It will only be a morale booster to terrorists and embolden them," senior BJP leader Sham Lal Sharma told a public rally in Aknoor border belt.

The Congress is promising to dilute the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, when 91 security personnel and 38 civilians were killed in over 600 terror strikes, said Sharma, who recently quit the Congress and joined the BJP. Thanks to the valour of security personnel, who killed 250 terrorists in anti-terror operations, but the Congress is seeking to restrain them by diluting the AFSPA, he added.

"What one fails to understand is the Congress' attitude," he said. "Is it the same Congress of Sardar Patel? Is it the same Congress that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was a part of?" he asked.

"It's the Congress' attitude of always trying to strengthen anti-Indian forces due to which they have gone on to question even the surgical strikes by the Indian forces," he said. "They insult the bravery of our defence forces," he added.

Sharma also questioned the Congress' allies in the state, including the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party for "supporting" the Congress. "The whole country is talking in one voice, but these Congressmen are talking in a different voice. Do you accept this language of the Congress, of the PDP and the NC? Pakistan applauds their language," said Sharma.

"Every citizen of the state is aware of the real faces of these parties," he said, cautioning people against their "false propaganda". He said the three parties "have stooped to such a low level of politics that they are repeatedly questioning even the Indian airstrikes at JeM training camp in Pakistan's Balakot".

Terming the Congress' manifesto, Sharma said it has also promised to abolish the sedition laws. This totally exposes the real face of the party, he added.

Sharma said the BJP has proved itself as a party of the masses at every front and ensured overall development of all the three regions of the state. He appealed to the people of Jammu constituency to elect BJP candidate Jugal Kishore, saying electing him means making Narendra Modi prime minister once again and keeping the country on the path of development and glory.

(With inputs from agencies.)