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New book on digital transformation features chapter on AI written by AI

New book on digital transformation features chapter on AI written by AI
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There is no dearth of books on Artificial Intelligence (AI), but a new book on the subject can safely claim to be one of a kind, as it features a chapter on AI written by AI itself. Titled "The Tech Whisperer", the book has been penned by digital transformation expert Jaspreet Bindra.

"With my partners, Findability Sciences, we have rigged up an AI, a bot, which has actually written this short chapter on itself, on AI! Admittedly, while this is a rudimentary hack, it still has managed to create a semblance of a chapter from the information we fed it. "I am super excited about this chapter, since in my knowledge, this is a first in global publishing history - where an AI writes a chapter on AI!" said the author.

Bindra, however, admitted that the chapter was not as "comprehensive and better written" as the ones authored by humans, and that it could have been better with more "resources and time". Dubbing AI as the "most revolutionary technology" after the "wheel, the steam engine and the Internet", he said the AI will change the world like nothing else so far.

To stress his point, he refers to James Barrat's book "Our Final Invention" which speculates that "AI will be our final invention... after this, AI will invent everything else, since it will be more intelligent and capable than us!" Published by Penguin, the book will also demystify and simplify "emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, Internet of things, virtual reality," and talk about how companies can employ these to drive their digital transformation.

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