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Twenty-nine people injured in annual 'Hingot festival' in Indore

Devdiscourse News Desk indore Last Updated at 09-11-2018 20:37:17 IST India

Twenty-nine people were injured in the annual "Hingot festival" in Gautampura town in Madhya Pradesh's Indore district, an official said Friday. The festival, observed traditionally on the day after Diwali, sees people of two villages, about 55 kilometres from here, attacking each other with hingots, a forest fruit, hollowed and filled with gunpowder, coal and brimstone.

The group from Gautampura village is called "turra" and the one from Rungi is dubbed "kalgi" and they throw burning hingots at each other as part of what locals call "hingot war".

Depalpur Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Aditi Garg told PTI on Friday that 29 persons sustained minor injuries during the festival and were discharged following treatment.

Despite several attempts to stop the festival, the tradition has continued. Villagers, this time, had threatened to boycott polls if they were not allowed to organise the festival. Madhya Pradesh goes to polls on November 28 and counting of votes will be taken up on December 11.

(With inputs from agencies.)

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