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Govt at center 'may not last' if temple was not constructed: Thackeray

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Updated: 25-11-2018 22:40 IST
Govt at center 'may not last' if temple was not constructed: Thackeray

(Image Credit: Twitter)

NDA-ally Shiv Sena's chief Uddhav Thackeray Sunday said the BJP government at the Centre "may not last" if the temple was not constructed in Ayodhya and demanded that an ordinance is brought in to pave for its way, warning that emotions of Hindus should not be taken for granted.

He dared the BJP to admit the Ram temple issue was "election rhetoric" , saying if the matter was to be left for the court to decide when it should not be brought up during poll campaigning.

The Shiv Sena chief, who offered prayers at the Ram Lalla temple, noted that Lok Sabha elections are around the corner and only one session of Parliament remains, he asked the government to bring an ordinance.

"The Shiv Sena has been supporting (them) on the issue of Hindutva and will continue to do so. Bring ordinance or a law but construct temple ...the emotions of Hindus should not be taken for granted," he told reporters here.

Thackeray said that during election campaigning the BJP manifesto had said that possible solutions to the Ram temple will be searched while remaining in the ambit of the Constitution.

"In the last four years, how many possibilities did you come across? Did you not get one based on which the temple could be constructed? For how long will we continue to search the possibilities," he asked.

Sharpening his attack, Thackeray said, "If the matter is to be left to court, then it should not be used be used during election campaigning. And tell us that it was a 'chunaavi jumlaa' (election rhetoric)."

He said he had come to Ayodhya without a hidden agenda. "I have come here to present the feelings of the people of the country," he said, adding Hindus across the world were waiting for a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya.

He claimed the temple issue heats up when the elections approach and fade when the polls are over and asked how long should the people wait for the temple.

"In other words, people during the elections do Ram-Ram (remember the Lord), but after the elections are over they do aaraam (rest)," Uddhav said.

He said, "days, years and generations" were passing by but the temple of Ram Lala was not being constructed.

"Today, when I went to have a glimpse of Lord Ram, I heard that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said there was a temple, there is a temple and there will be a temple. The sad part is that the temple is not visible," he said.

He said when he visited the place where Lord Ram was seated, he said it looked like he was going to a jail.

In response to a question, the Shiv Sena chief asked if the government had to move the court in case of triple talaq bill and demonetisation.

He said Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led government could not take a decision as it was a coalition but the present government was strong.

"If this government is unable to do it, then who will? If this government does not construct the Ram temple, then it will not be in power but the Ram temple will be built," he said

When asked that whether the Shiv Sena would build a temple if the government said no, he said, "Let the government say so."

Thackeray had arrived in Ayodhya for his two-day visit at the temple town and had also offered prayers on the banks of the Saryu Saturday.

(With inputs from agencies.)