India: The World's Largest Democracy and an Essential Strategic Partner, says US

The Biden administration reaffirms that India is an important strategic partner, despite recent criticisms in the media. US State Department spokesperson emphasizes the strong democratic values of India and the growing relationship between the two countries. However, tensions have arisen over issues such as the Sikh separatist movement and statements on Indian political figures. India has raised objections to such comments.

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India: The World's Largest Democracy and an Essential Strategic Partner, says US
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The Biden administration asserted that India was an important strategic partner of the US and added that the status of the relationship is expected to remain unchanged.

US State Department spokesperson Mathew Miller was responding to a question at a press conference on Monday on the US-India relationship in the context of some articles and opinion pieces critical of the Indian government published ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in India.

To a question on alleged "concerns about democratic backsliding in India" and the recent statements by the State Department regarding the alleged "crackdown on opposition", Miller said, "India is the world's largest democracy. It is an important strategic partner of the United States and I expect that to remain true." US officials in the recent past have called India a ''very important partner" and that the relationship between the two countries continues to grow.

However, after the historic Official State Visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House last year, there has been some unease in the bilateral relationship, particularly on the issue of the Sikh separatist movement in the US and the unusual statement by the State Department on the issue of the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

India had strongly objected to such a comment from the State Department.

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