Lotus Blossoms in the East as Union Minister Jitendra Singh Strengthens BJP Base

BJP's development work under PM Modi will lead to their victory in the east, including West Bengal and Odisha, says Union Minister Jitendra Singh. The BJP's success in the northeast, where they now govern all eight states, is a testament to Modi's fair and equitable policies. The end of corruption and violence under Mamata Banerjee's TMC will further boost the BJP's chances in West Bengal. The "lotus" (BJP's symbol) is set to bloom in the east, signaling the party's arrival in a former stronghold of communist rule. Prime Minister Modi's commitment to justice and development has gained unanimous support across the nation, driving the BJP towards its target of 400+ seats.

PTI | Sreerampur(Westbengal) | Updated: 06-05-2024 20:18 IST | Created: 06-05-2024 20:18 IST
Lotus Blossoms in the East as Union Minister Jitendra Singh Strengthens BJP Base
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After the northeast, the BJP is set to ensure victory in the east due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development work during the past 10 years, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said on Monday.

Addressing an election meeting in West Bengal's Sreerampur, he said that when Modi took over in 2014, there was not a single state in the northeast governed by the BJP, either singly or in coalition.

''At that time, it was unimaginable for most critics and commentators to believe that one day the entire northeast will turn saffron,'' said Singh, who has been campaigning in parts of West Bengal.

But in course of time, as people got awakened to the fast-track development agenda of the prime minister and equitable fair deal being meted out to every section of society, each of the northeastern states started voting for the BJP and its allies and, ''finally, all the eight states of the northeast have governments of which the BJP is a part'', claimed the Union Minister of State for Personnel.

Singh claimed the vicious cycle of corruption, high handedness and violence unleashed by the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC is also coming to an end.

The minister expressed confidence that both the major states of east India -- West Bengal and Odisha -- will return the maximum number of seats to the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

''After the northeast, the 'lotus' (the BJP's poll symbol) is all set to bloom in the east,'' he added.

Voting in Sreerampur is scheduled under the fifth phase on May 20.

''On the 4th of June, when the results of the Lok Sabha elections are declared, the whole world will be a witness to see that within 10 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rule, the 'lotus' that marked the arrival of the BJP in the northeastern states has also arrived in West Bengal to herald the arrival of the BJP in a territory which was at one time considered to be a citadel of Leftist communism,'' he said.

The reason why the Modi-led BJP is finding unanimous pan-India support is because the prime minister has raised the benchmark of political practice and introduced a culture of justice to all and appeasement to none, Singh said.

While heading towards the target of 400-plus seats, Singh said it is important for each BJP worker to realise that the common masses have made up their mind to help Modi reach this target and ''now it is up to us, Modi's team of BJP karyakartas, to cooperate with the common masses to realise this dream which has virtually assumed the proportion of the national dream of 2024''.

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